Deadly Double – Pink


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Deadly Double – Pink

Top & Bottom Rig

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40# monofilament, two 4/0 live bait hooks, two pink spinner blades, beads, sinker snap, ball bearing swivel.

The “Deadly Double” is a variation of the basic top and bottom, or  “high low” rig. It is tied from one long piece of mono, with a short leadered top hook and a bottom hook with a relatively long leader. The rig works well when you are drifting or slow trolling by kicking the engine in and out of gear. Sometimes the latter method produces more fish on a given day, especially on a slack tide. The bite will often come on the short “top” hook, which is ahead of the sinker.

I often bait one hook with a live minnow and the other with a strip of squid or cut bait and a couple of frozen shiners hooked through the eyes. Of course, nowadays, I often have a “Gulp!®” swimming minnow, either 4 or 5 inch, on at least one hook. Again, on a given day one will catch better than the other.

In the spring, I prefer to fish outgoing water, when the water is a little warmer. In summer and fall, I prefer the last of the incoming tide and the beginning of outgoing water, but as long as the water is clear you might catch a flounder anytime. Good luck!