Double Header – Top and Bottom Rig (2 Pack)


Double Header Top and Bottom Rig (2 Pack)

Sea bass, tautog, sheepshead, flounder, triggerfish, porgy.

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60# monofilament, two Mustad 4011E hooks, sinker loop. (2 per pack)

The “Double Header” is a variation of the classic top and bottom, or “high low” rig.  This rig works well while anchored or shore fishing over rocks, reefs, wrecks or other structure for foraging fish like sea bass, tautog, sheepshead and triggerfish.

When fishing for sea bass I often bait one hook with natural bait like clam, squid, green crab, sand fleas, shrimp or cut bait and the other hook with artificial bait like “Gulp” swimming mullet, crab or curl tail grub.  If one hook is produces more bites I will switch both hooks to the bait getting more action.  When fishing for tautog, sheepshead and triggerfish I will bait one hook with green crab or sand fleas and the other with squid, clam or shrimp. If any bait produces more bites I will bait both hooks with that.

Sea bass can be caught from April through December, sheepshead can be caught May through October and tautog are available year round.  Different times of the year will be more productive for different bottom species, and with a bit of luck, you could just a get a fish on both hooks…..for a Double Header!!

Good Luck!!