2019 Mako Mania Results

2019 Mako Mania Results

By Scott Lenox

Scott Lenox
Scott is the owner of Fish in OC and host of Ocean City's fishing television show Hooked on OC. He has worked in the fishing industry and fished the waters in and around Ocean City for over 25 years.

It was another bummer day today with northeast winds cranking to more than 30 knots at times and seas reportedly as big as 8-12 feet in the ocean.  Anyone in their right mind was tied to the dock.  I did see some boats fishing as I crossed the bridge into town and I know some caught flounder behind Assateague, but it was not a very nice day to go fishing.

The weather also played a major part in slow fishing for this year’s Mako Mania at Bahia Marina.  18 boats signed up for this year’s event and I’m pretty certain that not all of them fished their two days thanks to the weather.  In the end there were no qualifying mako or thresher sharks so the money in those categories was redistributed so the mako release category had the big money winners.  Here’s how it hashed out this weekend.


2nd Place     Reel Desire     6.8 Pounds     $693

1st Place     Sea Ment     12.5 Pounds     $2,787

Mako Release

3rd Place     Just One More     2 Mako Releases     $7,274

2nd Place     Sea Ment     3 Mako Releases     $10,991

1st Place     Just Fold     4 Mako Releases     $21,185     (1 Friday, 3 Saturday)

Congratulations to all of the anglers in the 23rd Annual Mako Mania.

There wasn’t a whole lot of fishing going on today, but Bear down at the Oceanic Pier did send a couple of shots from yesterday.  An anonymous angler caught a jumbo weakfish while casting lures under the route 50 bridge and Don brought in a healthy 19″ flounder that he caught on the 2nd street bulkhead on live minnows.

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