2022 Bishop Broadbill Bash Results

By Scott Lenox

2022 Bishop Broadbill Bash Results

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Today was the second and final day of the 2022 Bishop Broadbill Bash put on by Sunset Marina and now the results are in and the checks are handed out.  Many thanks to Sunset Marina and Dave Messick for the pics.  Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Heaviest Tuna

Espadon – 171 Pound Bigeye. $8,154

Heaviest Stringer

Gret’s Three J’s – 315 Pounds

Heaviest Swordfish

1st & 2nd Place – Gret’s Three J’s – 124 & 191 Pounds – Total Payout $30,684

Away from the tournament there was some good bottom fishing in the ocean again today for the ocean bottom fishing fleet.  Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had a good bite right from the get-go and put some very nice sea bass in the box along with a few flounder and triggerfish.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star didn’t have yesterday’s boat limit again, but he did put plenty of fish in coolers on today’s trip.

Another crisp fall sunrise; what few lonely clouds were about didn’t muster any colorful dawn drama. Forecast was for light winds—nothing to worry over. 

Eeamon, everyone’s favorite Irishman, and his friend, Larry, dropped twenty reef blocks as the sun came up. I hope all the sea whip that grows there are just as orange; turn the reef into a blaze of colorful soft corals where families can catch fish for many generations to come. 

Forecast? We soon found the weatherman was just joking about today’s light westerly wind coming south and becoming lighter still. 

“Nawww Mate! We were just joshing you!” North winds at 15 to 20 lasted a short while; fell out to 15 and then just over 10. Never saw any west or southerly breeze all day. At least the sun finally came out. That after a brief shower which also wasn’t in the forecast. 

Was hoping yesterday’s boat limit of sea bass was going to set a new pace. Alas,

they too went opposite my thinking. Did put a catch together. Roy took the pool with a fine fat cbass, while John crossed into double-digits. 

Sure wasn’t easy. Toward the end of the day though I actually saw sea bass behaving ‘normally’ – twenty to thirty feet off the bottom and apparently feeding on krill. 

Those fish bit. 

There’s Hope! 



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