A 9 Pound Doormat Flounder and A Jumbo Yellowfin Tuna

By Scott Lenox

A 9 Pound Doormat Flounder and A Jumbo Yellowfin Tuna

Hit the video for the Daily Catch at the Ocean City Fishing Center

It was a beautiful day today with light winds, sunny skies and warm temps and the fishing holes were crowded because of it.  The fishing was good too with billfish and tunas from offshore and flounder, rockfish, bluefish and more from inshore.  I had to double up the feature image tonight because there were two fish that were just HUGE for their species.

Captain Austin Ensor of the Primary Search has been looking for an Allison tuna for a while now and today he was finally able to capture the elusive fish.  Captain Austin put his crew on some nice tunas including a jumbo 113 pound yellowfin, some blueline tilefish and a gaffer mahi.  Pretty work!  Thanks to Sunset Marina for the shot.

Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey had a good day with the tuna as well and ended the day with a pile of fish and some new happy customers.

Captain John Prather has been having some terrific fishing for his anglers lately.  Captain John is seeing good action for flounder, sheepshead, drum and some trout.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters found this group three fat keeper flounder today.

Randy Swain, Sr., Randy Swain, Jr., John Sonner, Russ Coward, Russell Cook and Bill Davidson had an awesome day of ocean flounder fishing today when they boxed a limit of fish.  Randy Swain, Sr. is all smiles too as he had his personal best on the trip with a whopping 9 pound doormat.

Big Bird Cropper and Shawn Flaherty had another great day chucking Roy Rigs and “dredging” Stretch lures at the route 50 bridge.  The guys had a limit of both rockfish and bluefish with some big “chopper” blues and a 33″ rockfish.

Rich Daiker and Kenny Schoan had an awesome day at the route 50 bridge today when they caught 7 keeper flounder and a 29″ keeper rockfish.

Carlos Neves caught this big rockfish while fishing from the route 50 bridge last night.

Ryken and Haakon Mulford had a good first time fishing offshore with John Doak today and found a couple of gaffer mahi in the Baltimore Canyon.

Donnie Post had a good day fishing the south jetty today when he put some trout, red drum and black drum in the net.

Captain Rick Shoaff of the Judith M had some good fishing on his last 1/2 day trip and folks had sea bass and triggerfish to take home.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler said flounder fishing wasn’t great, but they did catch a couple and sea bass fishing wasn’t bad.  Everyone went home with some fish.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star did some more great work for the Ocean City Reef Foundation today and put his clients on some good fishing.

Yeah, that’s right. 

Mr. Murphy done it. You know, the guy who controls whether your toast falls jelly side down. An unsparing scoundrel too. 

I left the dock with one of my all time favorite groups, Henley Construction; even talked the big boss into jumping on. A super light rail – a nice day: pity the fish!

What would I do after getting in early? 

Ha. Ha. 


Block drop went swell at least. Twenty reef blocks from York Building Products & two pyramids from Gillis Gilkerson went by the aft rail with perfect accuracy. 

Builds Reef. 

After that? 

Not so much..

Watched the water clear up as we eased offshore some. Paged mate Vic topside, poor guy: “Make some mahi rods ready, Vic. Water looks good again.”

Well, we did eventually see one. Never got a hook in a mahi though. 

Sea bass too were fussy as could possibly be. Sometimes they’ll bite the bottom off the boat after a storm passes. Sometimes the only evidence of a bite is a pain in the skipper’s… 


Day was well into OT before I had sea bass going for my clients. Banter at the rail and sea conditions were both pleasant. When at last some nice sea bass were added, a bonus. 

Plenty late and tired; picked it all up and headed for the barn. 

Then, at about 3:22, our tough day of fishing was cast in new light when the 25-foot “Sweet Spot” declared a MayDay with 4 persons on board. Her skipper did a good job reporting his position and precise situation to CG Ocean City. She was taking on water about 7 miles from my position but still making way. 

I vectored in on a course to meet them until they lost both engines; then headed straight for her. Mate Vic was prepping dewatering gear when the first boat arrived to assist well ahead of us. Immediately afterward CG Station Ocean City’s cutter arrived on scene. 

I broke off just after 4 & don’t know the outcome. Certainly seemed dire. I suspect CG had everything well in hand so far as personnel were concerned though. 

Perhaps TowBoat US Ocean City was able to salvage her. 


Think fishing’s a bit tough? 

No worries mate! 

Enjoy the day!

This day especially..

And we certainly did. 



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