A Bit of A Heave, But Good Fisihing

By Scott Lenox

A Bit of A Heave, But Good Fisihing

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Ocean had a bit of a heave (swell) to it this morning after the yesterday’s storms and wind, but it laid down nicely and most boats saw some very good fishing.  The weather is calling for several days in a row of light winds so the ocean should be awful welcoming for those trying to get out and put some fish in the cooler.

The first tunas of the season were caught on May 17, but the water they were in has move well to our south.  Combine that with diesel prices through the roof and you’ve got an equation for sea bass and tilefishing.  Thankfully that has been good for the boats going to do it like the Ro Sham Bo with Captain Willie Zimmerman and the Wrecker with Captain Jeremy Blunt.  Both boats went yesterday and had very nice days putting these tasty fish in the fish box.

Anglers fishing on party boats had a good day of fishing today with lots of sea bass coming over the rail.  Captain Victor Bunting of the Ocean Princess saw plenty of sea bass and the fish pool winner was a nice monkfish.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had a good day of bassing today with plenty of nice fish for his customers today.

The Judith M was out near the Jackspot today and they were able to find some good bottom fishing for sea bass today as well.  There were lots of happy anglers with fish over the 13″ size limit.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star felt the “heave” this morning, but that soon passed and it was good fishing for most everyone on board.

Found a bit of heave & a bit of sunshine on our way off this morning. Sure beats fog and thunderstorms. Sean from Collegeville PA was today’s guest reef builder. He pushed 20 blocks and two pyramids by the rail before we steamed off the beach a while more.Sea bass were funny this day – holding tight to the bottom as though a school of sharks cruised right overhead. Never saw sharks. Perhaps laying in hiding to ambush shoals of sand eel was their intent..Bernie, of course, had today’s first limit, then he took everyone’s pool money too. He’s a fishing machine..Regular Fish Report readers may recall it would’ve taken 2,032 Private Boats going every fishable day to achieve Massachusetts’ astoundingly high sea bass catch estimate of 2.5million lbs in May/June 2021. Had word yesterday from a MA charter skipper. He tells of a fleet of 10 private boats and 2 charters. Same fellow said he could see a larger fleet with ‘a couple of’ partyboats in it. Another MA skipper reports two boats (not two thousand – just two) fishing for sea bass in a popular area Thursday. Hmmmm..  Memorial Day Weekend, with sea bass chewing hard; belongs to be among their busiest days. I hope to collect more info. Have even offered money for drone footage of the fleet(s). Somehow I doubt we’ll see a total of 2,023 boats for May/June ..certainly not everyday. For MRIP to assert enormous catches, we must have enormous fleets. So far? Not so much. Intend to march MRIP up the gallow’s stairs. It’s done enough damage and needs to go. Cheers Monty

Back in the bay, Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break had a nice day of flounder fishing today with several keepers on his trips.  He also put this evening’s charter on some catch and release shad action.

Anglers fishing on the Miss Ocean City party boat have been having some luck with keeper flounder over the past couple of trips in the bay.

Casey Lee caught this 25″ bluefish while fishing the OC inlet this morning.

Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing was on the river last night and some fish paid the price.  Captain Marc put his shooters on some good action for gar and big snakeheads.

Blake Gunther was over on the Chesapeake Bay in today’s beautiful weather and caught and released this beautiful red drum.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters has been having a good week with sea bass in the ocean and flounder and rockfish action in the back bays.

Shaun Flaherty was at it again this evening over on Assateague Island where he kayaked and Roy Rigged for this 21″ keeper flounder.

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