A Few White Marlin and Some Good Inshore Fishing

By Scott Lenox

A Few White Marlin and Some Good Inshore Fishing

Father’s Day is this weekend folks….hit the vid for some great ideas from Atlantic Tackle.

A wee bit slower on the tuna fishing front today with a few fish caught here and there and zero bites for other boats.  I’m guessing calm sea conditions and boat traffic had something to do with it.   There were a few white marlin caught out in the canyons, there were a few boats with good tuna catches and there was a decent inshore bite for sea bass and flounder.

Captain Chris Watkowski and mate Jacob Bialk had a decent day on the Spring Mix II today with four yellowfin tuna and two gaffer mahi.

Captain Christian Smith of the All In put Nick Winters on his first white marlin ever which was also the first for the boat this summer.

Captain Ron Callis of the Turnin’ Fins didn’t get any love from the tunas today, but he did put his anglers on some good fishing for tilefish.

Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break had a couple of junior anglers on board today and they were on absolute fire!  Dakota and Bentley Janney from Dillsburg, PA caught stripers, tautog and flounder on today’s trip.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters had a nice evening of releasing sharks in the ocean and rockfish at the route 50 bridge last night and followed it up today by catching his anglers a boat limit of bluefish along with 8 Spanish Mackerel.

On yesterday’s evening trip Captain Wayne Blanks of the Bayside Guide Service put this angler on a big chopper bluefish from the route 50 bridge.

Travis from Waynesboro, PA landed this 18″ flounder on a live minnow bait casted from the Oceanic Pier in downtown Ocean City.

Damian McCallister of Celtic Nations Contracting reported in that Lori Wynegar caught this 21″ flounder from the bulkhead in front of their Cruiseway condominiums.  Damian said that she released the fish because “she love fish too much.”

Jack Elliott had four nice keeper flounder to 18” while fishing the Thorofare this afternoon.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported another good day of fishing with several keeper sea bass coming over the rail with some legal flounder as well.

Captain Rick Shoaff reported good fishing on the Judith M’s 3/4 day trip today with loads of sea bass for his anglers.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star reported good fishing for his anglers….even “Hurricane” Murray.

Well, that was a surprise.
I might have known with Hurricane Murray aboard. Dogone NE wind stiffened to mid-teens all morning. Wind blowing dead into the current, it got a tad sloppy — built a lot more sea than I figured we’d have today.
Forecast had a flat calm summer day coming.
Not so much.
Wind finally let up just before lunch. Grew calmer the rest of our trip. Strangely, today’s seasick roster grew too as wind speed declined.
Thoughts on that below. Not pleasant meal-time reading..
Our guest reef builder was Vasi Hallas of Potomac MD (and that’s a fair piece from New Wuhan, MD.) He dropped 20 blocks and 2 pyramids before we pressed on.
Cathy looked to be our first limit. Sea bass bite wasn’t what it has been. Weren’t awful either. Boxed our first limit well into overtime. It wasn’t Cathy – David Murphy of Elkton MD carried the ball across today. I’d seen Murray messing with candles and chicken bones atop Cathy’s cooler.
Must have worked.
A few more anglers crossed the line before we left. Really had to work for it today..
We won’t talk about how many the president of Rotund Anglers United had.
Just shameful.
John Murphy’s sea bass sure wasn’t. Swept the pool.

Speaking of consistency, our most unusual catch today was on the first stop. When I said “In they go – down & away” fellow next to Hurricane Murray thought I meant rod, reel, rig – all of it.
Was a custom stick too.
Like the tugboat skipper said, “If you ain’t been aground, you ain’t been nowhere.”
Gonna fish a lot, your day will come.
Ah well.
I’ve been there.
Have plenty of spares aboard.
But, Hurricane Murray, being good at what he does, seeing an opportunity to tangle with spectra braided fishing line was irresistible. An unusually welcome tangle, he fouled the lost rod and brought it up giving Murray a singularly bright spot in his day – a catch worth talking about.
Don’t know if the fellow bought Murray a steak at Outback or not. Might have to do “dinner for two” gift card (wink wink..) Sure was a sweet stick.

Sea sicknesses ain’t sweet.
Prevention best – chewable bonine makes mighty cheap insurance.
I don’t understand the “Oh, it will just make me sleepy” thinking. Sleep’s worse than reverse digestive disorder? A nap is what to avoid?

Sue Foster used to take two bonine when she woke before fishing. She’d take two more if it was rough. I never saw her too sleepy to catch. Shoot, I doubt I ever saw her outfished by anyone, and if I did it dern sure wasn’t by someone seasick.
Clients can nap underway. Have more than a few regulars who actually look forward to it.
No one looks forward to squandering an opportunity to fish while getting a sore throat & chest from vomiting all day.
I have seen fresh & candied ginger work to prevent motion sickness too; never the ginger pill Dramamine sells though.
I’ve not seen pressure point bracelets work either. What in the world has your wrist got to do with the vestibular canals that give us balance?
The patch? Gold Standard. Scopolamine works. Have to have a script though.
If you wait till you’re about to toss your breakfast before trying a remedy – you’re too late. You’re gonna make a mess somewhere and then, I guarantee, blame it on whatever you took to fix it. “The ginger/dramamine/bracelet/bonine/fried eggs/boiled eggs/pancakes/homefries/last night’s sweet & sour bat, that’s what made me sick.”
Nope. Inner ear. Balance.
If you can take benadryl, I’m told by a physician, you can take seasick meds.

Too late? Here’s where chewable bonine really shines. Crunch em up good, one and a half pills, then treat it like a cowboy treats his chaw – tuck it between cheek and gum. I’ve seen anglers bounce back in as little as 20 minutes. Have seen this with ginger too – hundreds of times with candied ginger on the old OC Princess where TT Cook would do about anything to keep someone from making a mess in his galley.
I worked deck 6 or 7 years. On a rough day with unmedicated anglers  it’s good to be captain.

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