A Nice Sword and Some Nice Flounder

By Scott Lenox

A Nice Sword and Some Nice Flounder

We had another day of nice weather today with awesome summer temperatures and little to no precipitation.  I, and many, will take this for the rest of the season!

Captain Kurt Howell of Mid Atlantic Marine Surveying was out on the ocean today and put this beautiful swordfish up on the scale at the Ocean City Fishing Center this afternoon.

Randy Swain got his son Louden and his nephew Chase Antes out for some ocean bottom fishing this afternoon and put them on some nice keeper flounder.  Louden had his personal best come over the rail at 6.4 pounds.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported sea bass were pretty non-existent today, but some folks did put together some nice catches of flounder.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a nice day on the rip today with some good flounder and some very big sea bass.

Lot of color in this day’s sunrise. Smoke from up north I reckon. Might have been most of today’s ‘cloud cover’ too. I really couldn’t guess. Sure kept the August sun from building a heat.
For that I’m thankful.
Ashley from up Harrisburg way was our guest reef builder. She added 3 pyramids to a piece that will be nameable before too much longer. I took a pic of a pyramid on a sounder dropping into existing reef.
Absolutely nothing magic going on. Any hard substrate rising above sand a little bit – 1/2 an inch – will soon support growth of sessile organisms we call reef. Even the finest antifouling bottom paint made can only delay reef growth – not stop it. Whether corals or mussels; any growth really–and there are many: fish will colonize.
Was supposed to be a mahi trip today. Water’s been so green I thought the odds a bit long. I made it a summer sea bass/flounder trip instead. Perhaps next week we’ll have clean water mahi can feed in. I do enjoy our mahi fishing.
Dagone sea bass were in a funk first thing. Dern sure weren’t feeding heavy.
We tried all our tricks. Mate Vic showed young Iowa Jack, already a fishing machine at a very young age, one simple trick. Man did he rock it.
With many experienced anglers looking on in amazement, young Jack reeled in one after another with absolutely no one else getting a hint of a sniff..
I like having skill along the rail.
By and by conditions changed to favor anglers over ten years of age. Good thing!
Man they were some pretty fish..
Zig took everyone’s pool entry with a jumbo knot head – he and Holly both had nice flounder too.
Laying in tomorrow for another washed out mahi trip.
Watch the reef page for other news..

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