Another Awesome Sea Bass Bite With Some Flounder

By Scott Lenox

Another Awesome Sea Bass Bite With Some Flounder

I had the opportunity to head out on the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins, mates Vic and Brian and Bryan Mindte of Sunset Provisions for another episode of Hooked on OC and it was an awesome day on the ocean!  We had a boat limit of sea bass with some really nice fish in the mix and I also had a surprise flounder that was 21″.  I caught most of my fish on the Deadly Tackle Deadly Squidl, including the flounder, and had a couple of real nice sea bass on the “Drop the Jig” jig.  Captain Monty does a great job of explaining trips so here you go…..

Sea Bass 11/15/23 – Despite Forces Aligned A Sea Bass Limit For All Who Targeted Them..
Dern sure looked slick calm. Marina basin was smooth as glass. The ocean, however, revealed a bit of NE swell as soon as we cleared the inlet.
Rose red sunrise followed soon after by a sundog, both signs deeply entrenched in maritime lore as forbearers of foul weather; I also had aboard our very own man, myth, legend – he who alone can bring storm force winds while all forecasts declare calm; both his mirth and girth camouflaging the pain inflicted on pastry isle stocking clerks wherever he travels, Hurricane Murray’s juju well known to hammer all the good luck from a partyboat’s rail was now compounded by a TV camera..
Yes, I have indeed seen weeks worth of excellent fishing dissolve into fond memories when a TV show host or famous reporter comes aboard.
Despite these powerful forces aligning to dismantle our otherwise favorable luck of late, we found excellent sea bass fishing.
For almost everyone..
With some clients nearing double digits of truly nice sea bass, a small handful had reeled relentlessly only to throw all their shorts back.. Shades of Hurricane Murray’s luck some weeks ago!
This small group of anglers may or may not have included a local crazy cat lady with a degree of fishing notoriety who had recently won a nice Lamiglass conventional stick in the OC Reef Raffle. If so? If true? Said rod would certainly be taken to a Dr of VooDoo and also professionally smudged before exchanging for another stick with far less skunk in it.
Well, by day’s end one poor fellow with an awful case of mal de mer (rare on my rig!) had nearly limited with substantial help from his buddies. Another angler declined the invitation to fill a box with nice fish and pursued flounder instead. I get it – I really do – and he did get one fluke plus a handful of sea bass..
Otherwise? A boat limit of beauties.
Even Scott’s Hooked on OC cameraman, John, bagged out..
Was some nice fishing.
Sure wish the jig bite had been better though. I am spoiled to even write it. I enjoy catching ’em on a jig best. Scott sure bagged some good ones on the jig.
Sunset Provisions’ Brian did the deed on today’s reef blocks at Al Berger’s Reef. None other than our Prince of Portliness took the cbass pool..
A mild NE morning swell became as nice a November day as you might imagine.
Almost glass calm.
Tomorrow looks fine. Have a spot open on the bow. Call Anna before 8 or email me..
If new forecasts hold I’ll announce Fri/Sat trips tomorrow morning – on Thursday, 11/16/23 – with Saturday likely a short trip as winds pick up stoutly in early afternoon.
Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had a good bite with the sea bass on today’s trip as well and he also added some flounder and some scup.
Big Bird Cropper had a nice day on the bay today with a bunch of throwback rockfish, a red drum and a nice keeper rock on the Roy rig.
Mark Wittmyer of Crabs to Go celebrated his birthday today by doing some catch-and-release rockfishing at the route 50 bridge.  Happy Birthday Mark!

Check out the party boat scene in the video below….Subscribe!

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