Another Boat Limit

By Scott Lenox

Another Boat Limit

Great day to be on the ocean and a great day to be on the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins!

Man. It was nice to get back out. And what a day too. So calm.. 

Locals Andrew & Nikki did the deed on today’s reef blocks. We deployed them at Lucas Alexander’s Reef. 

While there I took a look nearby at the reef Capt. Stormy built just a few days ago; Kinsley Construction’s Restoration Reef at the Bass Grounds. 

What a wonderful reef set. Some pyramids clustered, some spread out; fish will make use of that habitat for long centuries to come. 

After the deployment we paddled a right good while. From our first drop Mark was limited in exactly 45 minutes. 


Crazy unusual? Expert anglers nearby, including Cathy, Jigmaster, and Rusty (but not Rhonda who had hot hooks!) ..great anglers were having a time getting it going. My favorite cat lady only had four when Mark boxed out. 

Holy Toledo! 

I’ve seen her, literally, bring grown men to tears with the pummeling she can deliver. 

Not today. 

That’s Fishing. 

In time though everyone got across the finish line. Had some truly fine fish aboard including Vincent’s pool winner. 

Thought we had pretty weather coming into Saturday afternoon. Now? Forecast has changed to Rain followed by Wind.. 

Scoundrels. I’ll announce more days after the holiday. 

Just did get some green crabs in. What’s it all about?

Y’all have a great Thanksgiving,


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