Another Great Day With Flat Seas and Good Fishing

By Scott Lenox

Another Great Day With Flat Seas and Good Fishing

Atlantic Tackle has all of your deep drop and swordfish rigs and tackle!!

Greetings friends!  It was another beautiful November day today with sunny skies, warm temperatures and flat calm seas.  Fog was kind of a bummer most of the day, but it’s hard to pass up flat conditions so there were lots of folks out on the water.  Fishing was good too with hooks in fish from the back bay to the deep, deep ocean.

I had the pleasure of fishing on board the brand new 65′ Guthrie RoShamBo with my old friend Captain Willie Zimmerman and crew today for a new episode of Hooked on OC and we had a great time and caught the target species.  First we deep dropped in 300 or so feet of water and put some nice sea bass in the box.  We also caught and released one blueline tilefish that would have been legal, but unfortunately is now out of season after the October 31 closure.  After that we headed to deeper waters in search of a swordfish.  Though we didn’t catch the size fish we were looking for we did catch the first swordfish for RoShamBo and then released it to see another day.  It was a great trip with some great people and should be another cool episode of the show.

Ocean bottom fishing for the party boat fleet was a little tougher today, but after some work there were still lots of fish to go around.  Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a slow pick of sea bass that ended with several limits and some triggerfish and flounder as a bonus.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star reported the same and also had several limits of sea bass around the rail.

Dogone fog. Thick fog. High state of vigilance fog..
Posted a mate fore & aft on departure – sport boat skippers in boats of all sizes seem convinced of their god-given ability to read a radar screen at 25 knots. With boats zipping by, one 60’ tower boat had to pull’er back as my air horn blasted warning. 
Yup, a foggy Saturday morning; poor visibility w/otherwise calm seas – some feel invincible.
Let the Hunger Gamers pass me by; paddled on offshore a while. Dropped blocks at a reef I’m working on then burnt some more fuel.
Although Bob Houser kept 7 on our first drop, cbass were obviously plenty fussy. At one point I had a screen slam full (pictured in FB post) of sea bass – we caught none.
The only solution? Fish harder.
House limited at 10:40 with Ted right behind him. By 12:40 over half the boat was boxed out & steadily ticking off additional limits. When the clock ran out our one client suffering mal-de-mer was the only angler not boxed out. Dern sure he had plenty for dinner.
Zig won the pool with a nice cbass. Not long after the group snap visibility opened up making a fine ride home..
Nice fishing.
Will be opening TG week and beyond soon. Phone line is 8 to 8 only now. No more 24/7 answer..

Blake Gunther and his crew did some ocean bottom bouncing today and had a good day with some quality flounder, some triggerfish and sea bass.

Nick Gunther and his crew had a nice day out in the ocean today as well that ended with a pile of sea bass, triggerfish, weakfish and beer.

Big Bird Cropper and Shaun had an awesome day of fishing the route 50 bridge today.  They caught and released 15 or so rockfish each and boxed a keeper flounder and their limit of keeper rockfish with a 31″ and 33″er.

Fish in OC designer extraordinaire Damon Mahoney took his girlfriend Kira out for her first fishing trip ever today and she started her career off right with a nice keeper tautog from the north jetty.

Tommy McDonald and his crew hit the Hot Dog / Sausages area today in search of a mako shark bite and though they didn’t get the mako bite, the did catch some mahi off of the chum bucket.

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