Back Bay Jumbo Flounder

By Scott Lenox

Back Bay Jumbo Flounder

Hit the vid for the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina with Captain Mark Hoos!

Woke up to a pretty nasty thunderstorm rolling through this morning with some thunder, lightning, wind and very heavy rain and had another one roll through mid day.  It was still a fishable day today, but folks were dodging rain drops and taking cover periodically while catching fish.

Captain Drew Zerbe and mate Chris Higgins of the Calico Jack put Zach Forte over this big 25″ flounder that weighed in at a very nice 6.5 pounds!

Tuna fishing was ok again today with some keeper yellowfin taking the bait in the canyons.  Captain Mike Burt of the Pumpin’ Hard had a fun day with some legal yellowfins and plenty more throwbacks.

Though not red hot, Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey had a nice day with some yellowfin for his crew.

Donnie DelGavio was fishing with Brian, Derek and Mike when he landed this better than BLT 42 pound yellowfin tuna.

Captain Chris Mizurak reported a good sea bass bite around the storms today with some quality fish to 4 pounds.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star picked a few good spots today and put some fish in coolers while avoiding the storms.

Must have gotten my weather websites confused last night. Would have sworn forecast said partly sunny with some southerly breeze. 

Downpours with Darkness  brightened occasionally by Lightning would have been more accurate. 

Rain was coming down so hard, why, we couldn’t even get a volunteer to push our reef blocks by the rail. Mate Brian gave em a heave; he often helps anyway, truth be told. Twenty blocks and four terracotta tog tubes were added to a reef 100% of our own construction. It’s already in the OCRF chart book. I will anchor there one day this year, perhaps in October, and limit clients out ..while naysayers tell any and all reef building in such small scale can’t & won’t work. 

In years to come these boat deployed substrates will become unrecognizable — too grown over with corals to see what underlies reef growth. Fish won’t mind..

By & by our (not so) welcoming weather front eased on off the beach some & rains became tolerable. By 11 we were drying out. By 11:45 another line of storms was plain to see on boat radar. Looked as though they might track the same way….then the worst dissipated over Ocean City. We didn’t have any more weather issues. 

Fishing wasn’t all that. Nicked a few most everywhere, nice ones too. Up anchor. Down anchor. Worked spot after spot with some clients barely scratching dinner out of it.. After lunch a cloud of sea bass nearly 50 ft thick showed on my sounders. The bite was excellent, yet so brief. All we can ever do is catch the hungry and dumb ones; leave the rest for another trip. 

Dominick had high hook with eight, a throwback fluke too, (& I sure wish they’d come on..)

I thought sure Mattie would take today’s pool. Donny put the kibosh on that thinking though with a dandy. Then he won today’s reef raffle too! 



The Bay Bee had a super morning trip yesterday with seven keeper flounder for some of their anglers.

Tristan Ireland caught his first ever bluefish with this 10 pound beauty.  He also caught and released a 27″ rockfish all while fishing Roy Rigs with his dad at the route 50 bridge.

Randy Swain, Randy Swain Jr., Louden Swain, John Sonner and Russ Garufi fished the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel today and slayed the cobia.  Louden caught a jumbo and the crew released 10 other fish.

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