Beautiful Fall Weather and Awesome Fall Fishing

By Scott Lenox

Beautiful Fall Weather and Awesome Fall Fishing

Today was absolutely gorgeous!  Sunny skies, warm temps and little to no wind almost the entire day.  The only thing that made it much better?  The fishing!

There was some really good flounder fishing in the back bay today and I got to take advantage of it a little with my buddy Bryan Mindte from Sunset Provisions.  We had some tog at the jetty, a bunch of throwback flounder in the east channel and these two fat keepers in the west channel.  Thanks to Mike G for the text!  Fish fell for live bunker on the Deadly Tackle Live Bait Rig.

Mike G sent me the text because he and Chuck MacEwan were smoking the flounder in the west channel this morning.  They combined for 5 keepers with Mike’s big fish at over 23″.

Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break was on the jetty today with some sand fleas and he was able to put his group on six nice sheepshead.

Joe Farnish used the Deadly Tackle Deadly Double in white to land two nice flounder in the west channel today.  The big fish was 22.5″ and weighed 4.85 pounds.

David Riddleberger used a Deadly Tackle tog/bottom jig to land his first ever red drum.

The crew of the Boss Hogg had some good fishing with a couple of tuna and a pile of mahi on the dock at Sunset Marina.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported having to weed through shorts today, but everyone had a nice catch by the time of lines out this afternoon.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a great day on board with a boat limit of sea bass.

An October day as it should be.
Everything’s running fine this year (knock wood!) but I’ve sure had my share of boat troubles these last few falls. Telling clients you’re unable to go just isn’t a good thing.
To then have to tell’em sea bass were closed when trying to regain their patronage?
“But why were they closed, Captain?”
..because NOAA’s policy is to use wholly unverifiable data created by people who have not the least idea of a ‘conceivable’ catch – recreational catch estimates far beyond the scope of possible are routinely presented to managers – forced upon them – “this is the best available catch data. You WILL use it.” NOAA’s regional managers hang a sword of Damacles over fishery managers and recreational anglers. If catch data, no matter how mistrusted, is not used? There is a secondary plan with the shortest season imaginable and bigger size limits that WILL become law..
Not just me, not by a long shot; a lot of States and other anglers have complained for years.
And Now?
Well, well, well..
It’s just possible that MRIP (NOAA’s recreational catch estimates) have finally gotten so outrageous that no one believes the data – especially not people who are forced too. They’re tired of making bad regulation – doomed to be unfair before discussions have even begun.
Huge chages are in the works.
We have to let government know nothing less than accurate estimates will be amendable.. Lots of lobbying to do..
Meanwhile, out on Maryland’s reefs; sea bass reopened yesterday- 10/10/23. Like my winter tog trips – sea bass runs will be announced as weather becomes fit. We’re getting it done. Some pretty fishing. Fall as I’d like it. Have Friday and Sat (10/13 & 14) open but not by email yet. Lots of spots!
Worked our way off into a bit of leftover swell this morning. Came upon Big Dad’s Memorial Reef – named after Capt Jeff’s father, Capt Darrell Nottingham – a skipper who told me many a fish story going back to the 1950s.
Ashley from up Harrisburg way dropped a twenty block unit right atop
Big Dad’s Reef’s eastern edge. Capt. DJ, his Dad and clients had come over to snap pics for a different view of our daily block drop.
The barge had been sunk nose up- at an angle. Everything I dropped on it slid off. Now laying almost flat, we’ll try to work the smooth surface of the old Vane Brother’s water barge into a rougher place – into an excellent spot for mussels and then corals to attach.
Why depend on luck when we can make it happen?
We’ll make it happen.
Scott from Newark, DE boxed today’s pool winning sea bass. We also had a fairly rare smooth puffer. These fish are supposed to have a neurotoxin with no possible cure – (see pics with Google quote.) For now? I’m with Google!
Then Cathy, wonderfully on the mend, had the first limi……
Dogone it Murray.
Really? Again?
Yesterday Tracy was catching at a sure pace to limit on sea bass first. Murray didn’t even mutter “excuse me” as he shot by. Derned if he didn’t do it again today – & to Cathy!
Dang it Murray! No manners at all.. Boy, I tell you, nearly unforgivable.
Nearly.. He did limit first two days running.
I guess that’s a thing.
But, one wonders.. Has our portly Prince of marine mirth who possesses an unending shelf of pastries become bereft of social skills whenever a good sea bass bite occurs? qqCan he not allow the ladies such a simple pleasure as limiting out first?
I’m cutting him back to one hook tomorrow. See if that learns him..
Murray the one hook wonder? I’m putting my money on Patricia tomorrow!

Get on this awesome fall flounder bite in the below vid….Subscribe!

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