Beautiful Weather and Good Fishing

By Scott Lenox

Beautiful Weather and Good Fishing

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We’ve reached the time of year where I might have more days without a fishing report than days with a fishing report thanks to Mother Nature.  She will give us nice days once in a while now through April, but there will also be a lot of cold, windy, rainy, snowy, down right crappy days that will have anglers finding something else to do.  We are being blessed this week with a  stretch of some reely beautiful fall weather with warm temperatures, sunny skies and light winds and anglers are out taking advantage of some pretty great fishing.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler was in the ocean on a 10 hour trip today and it was a good one.  Sea bass were finicky at first, but bit well after lunchtime, and there was a good flounder bite for lots of his crew with some nice fish including two 6 pounders.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star was happy to get back on the ocean today and after some more great work for the Ocean City Reef Foundation he put his folks on some good fishing.

Six days without fishing? Yes. Sure couldn’t say we were slacking though. Loaded a 50’ steel sailboat with concrete and made a new reef a few miles out last Sunday just before 12 hours of rain. Ballast for the reef came from the biggest mud puddle I’ve ever seen. Sure was glad to have it. Nanna & Barry Daub’s Reef went down perfect on two heavy anchors. Had we sunk it w/o those old Navy anchors, and unballasted, we’d have had a time finding it again after the first NE storm.
You can believe it, ocean storm swells can move a ship wreck, let alone our latest effort.
Won’t be my clients; but anglers, especially in high summer, will be fishing that piece at least 30 years I’d think.
Did take a day off too. Honey-dos..
Doesn’t feel like November. Still, an order of green crab come in this morning before we tied her loose. That’s a sure sign. Although I won’t start toggin till January 1st, wont hurt to have some bait hanging. Tautog/blackfish trips are announced short notice as forecasts firm..
Sakes it was a pretty morn. Last two days it blew west hard; a wind that knocks seas flat. It’s a good wind so long as you wait for it to pass. In my youth underestimates of W & NW winds were most often the gales that sank boats. Weather radio would call for 15, we’d get 60 – that sort of forecast.
We complain a lot these days, but its rarely that far wrong anymore.
Forecast was spot-on today. Light southerlies with no swell – perfect. Calling for more of the same next 8 days. Hope they’re right. Lots of room F/S/S..
As I’ve been doing for a month or more since we got these giant 16×20 chimney blocks, our ‘tog penthouse blocks,’ we dropped em today on a flat barge then went to finding clients some sea bass..
Bite lacked energy first thing. Just a slow, lethargic nibbling, but some good ones. Long about 11 they started chewing.
Two lady anglers (Maria Zapart from Brooklyn NY was today’s hot rod,) ..two ladies were among the first limited. I encouraged my fisherMen to follow their lead.
They did. Well, all but the wire bottom rig tied to mono guys.
Come on now.. Friends don’t let friends fish mono! (Especially not with a .69 cent wire bottom rig..)
I’ve been tile fishing in 1,100 feet of water and felt the bite better than we used to in 90 feet with monofilament. No stretch makes all the difference…
So, all but three clients were limited – and they’ve plenty of dinner.
Have room Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Weather looks good/great early next week too.
Reef building is absolutely on fire. With the price of scrap steel down so low, reefing old boats & barges becomes a more viable option. Maryland does not have a marine reef program. The OC Reef Foundation is it for improving our seafloor. If you’ve ever considered a donation, doing so now will have excellent affect. Been cheerleading MD artificial reef since the Penrod & WWII sub Blenny were sunk in 1988 & 89. In those years I’ve never seen nor heard of any pace of materials coming such as we have today.
Donate now – anglers far into the future will appreciate it.
Visit – especially for our Benelli Reef Raffle!

Wayne Grossman and Harold Harry tore it up today with some great sea bass fishing at the Jackspot with some fish up to 17 inches.

Big Bird Cropper and his buddy Jerry from South Carolina had a crazy good day of fishing Ocean City’s back bays today.  The guys caught and released over 50 rockfish, 3 red drum and 4 flounder.  Bird also added a nice 20″ keeper flounder to the box.

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