BIG 65 Pound Mahi

By Scott Lenox

BIG 65 Pound Mahi

Weatherman missed the forecast again today saying it was going to be picture perfect and then the ocean was anything but.  It was still plenty fishable and there was some decent fishing for crews willing to stick it out in the uncomfortable seas.

The crew of the Boss Hogg with Captain Alex Beane had an awesome day in the canyon today releasing a white marlin and boxing two very nice longfin tuna.  They also caught the largest mahi that I’ve seen in a while weighing in at a whopping 65 pounds.

Captain Chris Watkowski and mates Chase and Kenny had an awesome day in the deep putting their crew on a pile of mahi, a yellowfin tuna and a 191 pound bigeye tuna.

The crew of the Wrecker with Captain Bobby Layton at the helm had a nice day and put a pile of mahi on the dock at the OC Fishing Center.

Mark Debinski of Bluewater Advisory Group had a trip to the deep where he caught some beautiful, delicious black belly rosefish.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported that the weatherman lied today as well, but he was still able to put his anglers on some sea bass and flounder action.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star didn’t enjoy today’s fake news weather either, but he did enjoy putting folks on some sea bass and few flounder.

For 4 days straight I’ve whispered sweet nothings (of a sour sort) in forecasters’ ears. Today’s forecast of “less than 10 knots NE wind” left me especially proud. Ahh.. Blew nearabout 20 for a while this morning. Fell out to 17/18ish then 15 mid day. Wasn’t all that, yet pretty nautical considering I’d thought it would be a postcard perfect day for my August 1st crowd.
Derned if we’re not spoiled by three hour forecast timelines (when they’re right.!) Seems like in the 1980s with weather radio we really only listened to see if we had a good chance of coming home! With computers we want to know everything – and correctly too!
Ah well.. All aboard – Got a twenty minute head-start on the day and had intentions to use it. Though obviously more wind than forecast, it was a young wind with no associated sea height at first.
Kim (Ohio), Karen (MI) & Lori (from PA) were today’s guest reef builders. They launched 3 reef pyramids atop Al Berger’s Reef North in bullseye fashion before we resumed our course offshore.
I had a fair number of experienced anglers today & good thing. Dern sure wasn’t anything easy about the catching.
Continuous effort on clients’ part was the only thing causing cooler lids to open and close..
And they did.
Well, some did.
One young man fishing the winch spot was hot – he claimed 12 or more keeper bass in the family cooler. I watched him do it but didn’t count. AllStar angler, Ms Holly, boxed 7 for sure!
Almost sea bass dinners around on today’s sea bass trip. Some folks are even having fluke for dinner. Was a grind it out sort of day with Mike from PA catching the pool fish.
Best I could do with the weather we had..
Had to cancel my mahi trips Thursday & Friday this week coming for lack of fishy participation. Had em started two weeks ago -saw some!- then the water grew greener instead of bluer.
Some light easterlies in coming forecasts. Push good water inshore? Maybe?
There is hope!
..but not for this week. Summer “catch what bites” trips (like today) instead.
Friday already smells funny, but Thursday’s forecast offers a beautiful day and I’ve not even ten anglers yet.
Less, I’ve come to learn, usually means more fun…. What my whole business model is based on.
Kevin McNelis and his crew had a great morning of flounder fishing over ocean structure putting 1o keepers in the boat up to 4.5 pounds.
Big Bird Cropper and John Wittmyer of Crabs to Go had an awesome time at the route 50 bridge today.  The guys released a nice 35″ rockfish, boxed a nice 31″ rockfish and also boxed two keeper flounder.

Check out our fishing trip to the north jetty at the inlet parking lot…..Subscribe!

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