Big Bigeyes For Day 1 At 2023 Ocean City Tuna Tournament

By Scott Lenox

Big Bigeyes For Day 1 At 2023 Ocean City Tuna Tournament

Check out the Captain’s Meeting for this year’s OC Tuna Tournament!

I just got back from a surprisingly busy day of scales action at the Ocean City Fishing Center for day 1 of the OC Tuna Tournament.  With only 30something boats fishing today and rough conditions to boot, I really didn’t expect the scales to be as busy as they were.  Nonetheless, there were lots of tuna weighed and there were some really nice bigeyes brought to the scales.  Here’s who’s leading after the first day of fishing.  Thanks to the OC Fishing Center for the pics!


Lucky Duck     32 Lbs

Junior Angler

Talkin’ Trash    54 Lbs

Lady Angler

2nd Place     All In     35 Lbs

1st Place     Fin Planner     48 Lbs

Heaviest Stringer

3rd Place     Bar South     262 Lbs

2nd Place     Full Service     304 Lbs

1st Place     Cabana     438 Lbs

Single Heaviest Fish

3rd Place     Full Service     209 Lb Bluefin

2nd Place     MARLI     219 Lb Bigeye

1st Place     Cabana     236 Lb Bigeye

Away from the tournament, Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing put his crew on some good shooting for cow nosed and southern rays in the south bay.

Shaun Flaherty was at it again last night fishing the route 50 bridge for this nice rockfish.

Kristen and I had a great time on the water the other day…check out the vid….Subscribe!!

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