Big Christmas Fish Fry Coming

By Scott Lenox

Big Christmas Fish Fry Coming

Atlantic Tackle is open from 8 AM until 12 Noon tomorrow for you last minute Christmas shoppers.  Check out the vid to get a head start!

A short weather window opened up today which allowed just enough time for some of the party boat fleet to get way east and drop a line one last time before Christmas.  The sea bass may be moving off the beach a ways, but if you take the trip it looks to be well worth the effort.

The crew of the Ocean City Princess with Captain Victor Bunting made an end of year trip to the deep today and it did not disappoint.  The crew caught a limit of sea bass up to a jumbo 5 pounds.  Pictured are Jeff Nottingham, William Bunting, Victor Bunting Sr. and Rick Koller.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star enjoyed a calm boat ride to the deep where he put his anglers on some quality fish.

Crisp sky, calm sea; nice morning for paddling on off a ways. Dropped a couple bundles of heavy galvanized pipe and found ourselves offshore with some traffic.
Odd. Couple other boats in late December. Made the best of it. Bite had all but died when it came back on – and sweet.
Only had 3 limits but all aboard have a big Christmas fish fry coming.
DJ Hutton bagged out on sea bass first, then Acie Mankins. Rich Bulizak was 3rd but also pocketed everyone’s pool money..
Real pretty day off there.
Will post some more trips tomorrow I expect. Lot of wind coming though.
Y’all have a wonderful Christmas,

Merry Christmas!!

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