Big Sharks and OCMD Memorial Day Tournament Results

By Scott Lenox

Big Sharks and OCMD Memorial Day Tournament Results

Some of the photos that you are about to see are nice and sunny, while others are not.  That’s because today started off absolutely beautiful and ended pretty crappy.  We were greeted by light winds and sunny skies this morning, but the rain had moved in by this afternoon and scared a lot of anglers back to the dock.  There were still some fish being caught by the boats that stayed out in the weather and there was some good fishing this morning before it moved in.

The charter boat Wrecker out of the Ocean City Fishing Center with Captain Jeremy Blunt spent the day shark fishing in the ocean and had a great day.  Captain Jeremy put his crew on five blue shark releases, two mako releases and this nice 196 pound mako that ended up on the deck.


Yesterday Captain Jeremy was trolling the canyons and rewarded his crew with a large blue shark release, a mako release, several mahi and a nice 106 pound bluefin tuna.


There were a couple of thresher sharks caught yesterday, but not many were as big as this bruiser.  Ocean City Fishing Center General Manager Rolfe Gudelsky sent me this shot of a big 437 pound thresher that was brought into the Fishing Center yesterday afternoon.


The inshore fishing for flounder was pretty good both this morning before the rain and this afternoon after the rain started if you didn’t mind dealing with it.  Captain John Prather on the inshore charter boat Ocean City Guide Service had two good trips today.  This morning Captain John put his crew on three keeper flounder and six bluefish, and this afternoon it was a couple of nice keeper flounder for the crew.

18698305_1359740764075398_5571235677332236947_n FullSizeRender 38

Captain Jason Mumford of the inshore charter Lucky Break had a good day of flounder fishing as well.  This morning along with plenty of throwbacks, Captain Jason had one keeper in the south bay and this afternoon it was two keepers from the Thorofare.


“The Kayak Kid” Ayrton Pryor from the Spring Mix II did a little flounder fishing himself this morning.  Ayrton and Jacob Lewis fished the Thorofare with white Gulp and caught three bluefish, two throwback flounder and this nice 20″ keeper.

IMG_4974 2

Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing with Captain Marc Spagnola was on the prowl for stingrays again this morning and was able to put his shooters on a couple of cow nosed and southern rays before the rain set in.

Resized_20170528_081639-01 Resized_20170528_092358-01

Captain Monty Hawkins of the party boat Morning Star had a good day of fishing the rip today.  Morning Star had several sea bass come over the rail and although he was targeting sea bass, Tim Dickson of Alexandria, VA caught this gorgeous 25″ cod on a clam bait.


The Happy Hooker bay party boat had a few trips today with some good luck.   The crew had scattered throwback flounder and at least one bluefish blitz.  Marianne caught the only keeper of the day, but it was a good one at 22″.


Last week Cody Smith caught a flounder under unusual circumstances.  Cody was fishing the route 50 bridge at night with a spec rig when this nice keeper flounder decided to come up in the lights and hit it on top water.  Not unheard of, but rare for flounder to bite at night up top.


Albert Purdy was spearfishing with Juan Franzetti today on an inshore wreck when he speared this nice 23″, 7 pound tautog in 60 feet of water.  The duo finished the day with their limit of tog also.


A Facebook submission from Kathy Giovannetti included the following photos of Ricky who caught a nice 36″ rockfish from the route 50 bridge and Stephen and Chris who caught a small shark.

18700195_1274846572635507_5263201087990419561_n 18739817_1274922289294602_985831622440261954_n

Jeff Hartman was doing some fishing from his kayak in front of Frontier Town where he used jig heads tipped with white Gulp 4″ swimming mullet to catch four bluefish.  Watch the toes Jeff!


The results are in for the 8th Annual Ocean City Marlin Club Memorial Day Tournament after all of the 13 boats fished their one day of fishing yesterday.  There were no mako sharks or bluefish weighed so the tuna brought in all of the dough.

3rd Place

Brenda Lou     39.2 Lb Yellowfin Tuna    $396


2nd Place

Reel Direct    40.4 Lb Yellowfin Tuna     $2,034.00


1st Place

Husevo     57.4 Lb Bigeye Tuna     $5,850.00


Thanks to Dave Messick of Hooked on OC for the pics.

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