Bigeye, Swordfish and Jumbo Tog

By Scott Lenox

Bigeye, Swordfish and Jumbo Tog

The wind looks to start blowing good tomorrow, but today was another beautiful November day in and around Ocean City.  Winds were light, the sun was shining and temps were pushing 60 degrees even on the water.

It was too nice for some not to head to the canyons today and try to get on some of the awesome swordfish and bigeye fishing that has been going on.  Captain Chris Little of the Talkin’ Trash was one of those boats and he and his crew had a fantastic trip.  Talkin’ Trash was three for five on swordfish bites and added a nice bigeye for an awesome November offshore trip.

Captain Kane Bounds of the Fish Bound had to hit a couple of different spots today, but when it was all said and done it was worth the anchor pulls as Fish Bound ended up just one tautog short of a boat limit.  The guys had a great trip with 31 keeper fish for the box with the largest at 9 pounds.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star sailed onto a flat calm ocean this morning and though he had to work a little harder for the fish, he was still able to get it done.

Underway just before sunup. Found an incredibly calm sea and cloudless sky. Dropped 24 blocks plus a 180lb reef pyramid and headed for structure in 20+ fathoms.
Where yesterday we were completely limited out in an hour and twenty-five minutes; today I fished the better part of five hours and only got a third of my clients across the line. Still, I’m confident all aboard will spend part of Thanksgiving weekend not eating turkey.
Will be announcing December trips via ‘Fish Report’ and on FB. Sign up for reports at ..
For the longest while it looked as though Mark ‘Baldy’ Baldwin, an OC local, would box out first. He had nine in the cooler while the guy next to him (no names, oh no, but his initials are Two Drop Terry) ..had only boxed two. Baldy worked his way to eleven keeper cbass – and froze – never opened the cooler again, while Terry nicked a number more for a respectable fish fry’s worth.
Arrie Johnson (red ball cap) of Parsonsburg MD didn’t stop though. He limited and helped his friends get dern-near done also. Alan Willey from Labrador City MD & Martin Cribb of York PA (nice fluke) boxed-out too, as did several others.
The pool money was won by Don Byler (blue sweat) of Laurel DE with a 21 inch dandy.
Bob Booth of Seaford DE holds up a nice Maryland jumbo scup. ‘Jumbo’ because we rarely see any scup at all.
Richard Schmidt from Townsend DE caught a nice keeper double of sea bass.
Also in the group snap are Dave Furio of Lewes DE – OC local Paul Coughlin, Bryan Byler of Laurel DE – Ralph Jones from Dover DE – Joel Baus from OCMD – & Jeremy Thomas of Parsonsburg MD.

I was able to get out after some Hooked on OC Holiday show segments today with my buddy Big Bird Cropper and we had a great 90 minute trip releasing some rockfish.  All of the action took place chucking Roy Rigs at the Route 50 bridge.

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