Bigeye, Yellowfin, Sea Bass and Flounder

By Scott Lenox

Bigeye, Yellowfin, Sea Bass and Flounder

Sign Ups for the Ocean City Tuna Tournament are exactly two weeks from today!!  Check out some details above.

Man, today was WAY different than yesterday as far as Mother Nature was concerned.  We did have some rainfall move through mid-afternoon, but otherwise the wind was light and temperatures were very nice.  Yesterday the wife and I didn’t even try flounder fishing because the water was so dirty.  Today we had 2 keepers and 12 throwbacks in about 2 hours.  The water cleaned up nicely and the Fish in OC Dale Timmon’s Deadly Double in pink and chartreuse performed nicely.  Offshore fishing was good again today with bigeye tuna, yellowfin tuna, white marlin and even a sailfish that was released by the crew of the Spring Mix with Captain Chris Watkwowski and mate Ayrton Pryor.

Offshore fishing was pretty good again today even though bites have gotten scarce thanks to the calm seas and crowded fishing grounds.  Captain Paul Robertson of the private boat Fishing For Muscular Dystrophy had the SirReel Fishing Team from south Florida out today and showed them to some awesome Ocean City fishing.  The crew was 9 for 10 on yellowfin tuna and also saw two white marlin that didn’t eat.

Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey found some nice bigeye tuna out in the deep today and also added a bonus yellowfin.

Captain Jeremy Blunt of the Wrecker showed his anglers a virtual cornucopia of offshore fish today when he put them on yellowfin tuna, tilefish and some jumbo sea bass.

Captain Dan Stauffer of the Fin Chaser out of the Talbot Street Pier had a nice day of fishing for his clients putting them on 6 yellowfin tuna and a white marlin release.

The private boat Current Situation with Tim Bielaski, Kevin Wimsatt, Dave and Connor Frederick fished the Baltimore Canyon today where they found a nice 167 pound bigeye tuna and a very nice 52 pound longfin tuna.  The fish were weighed at Atlantic Tackle in West Ocean City.

Dana Keller sent this photo in of some nice bigeye tuna caught by Justin Keller, Rich Keller And Jake Prough while fishing out of Indian River Marina.

The Angler with Captain Chris Mizurak saw some reely good fishing today with most anglers on board catching their limit up to 3 3/4 pounds.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star saw good fishing today as well with several limits around the rail.

Another calm summer day though overcast. Weather had light southerlies forecast all day & showers late.
Caught glimpses of bottlenose dolphin in small pods but nothing to stop for. Dropped 24 blocks and a pyramid at Capt Bob Gowar’s reef; then, about 12 miles out, a humpback blows a tremendous spout, another—smaller; followed by dive with a deeply arched back (ergo the name.)
He’s gone. Lingered a while hoping for a closer look.
No joy.
Saw no bait in the area. He was hunting too.
Nothing but a crummy picture..
Trolling lines go out most every trip in summer. Just never know. Might catch bait, dinner, even an inshore bluefin tuna – or not a blessed thing.
As it happened Cassie Cool of Thrurmont MD landed the year’s first little tunny (false albacore) for my boat on the troll. They make great sport, great bait, and not much else.
Sea bass bite was a bit tepid. OK but not ‘on fire.’ Couldn’t have been too far bad I expect – ended the day with about a third of my clients limited and fish fries around the rail.
Mighty dang fine for late June.
Rob Singer from WV took everyone’s pool money – Duane Lee of Chester PA shows off a nice one – Brian Slagle fools absolutely no one with a steeee-retch – and in the group snap? Derned if I know!

The Fish Bound with Captain Kane Bounds and Captain DJ Churchill has been seeing some stupendous bottom fishing over the past few trips.  Captain Kane reports a lot of flounder for this early in the season, but he’ll take it.

Back bay fishing for flounder picked up nicely today as the water conditions cleaned up on the incoming tide.  Captain John Prather of Ocean City Guide Service had a great day of it for his anglers putting them on five keeper fish over 16 1/2″.

Captain Drew Zerbe of the Tortuga found the clean water this afternoon and was rewarded with three keepers for some of his anglers.

Captain Anton and mate Joe found a nice keeper for this group on this afternoon’s trip.

Josh Rosenberger and Faith Biesecker fishing on his Jeffy Jr. used Gulp and minnow combos to catch a handful of throwback flounder and this 19″ fish that ended up in the box.  Pictured with Luna.

Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing was out last night and today and produced good shooting for his clients that consisted of gar, snakehead and cow nosed rays.

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