Bluefin Tuna Bite and Canyon Kick-Off Results

Bluefin Tuna Bite and Canyon Kick-Off Results

By Scott Lenox

Scott Lenox
Scott is the owner of Fish in OC and host of Ocean City's fishing television show Hooked on OC. He has worked in the fishing industry and fished the waters in and around Ocean City for over 25 years.

The 33rd Annual Ocean City Marlin Club Canyon Kick-Off Tournament is in the books and it was another awesome event put on by the OC Marlin Club.  A total of 59 boats fished the event and there were several fish in each category which made for terrific scales action at Sunset Marina.  The Poore Sport was the top points taker in the billfish release division and therefore the top money winner.  A big thanks goes out to Amanda Schick and the folks at the OC Marlin Club!


Here’s how the event finished up.

33rd Annual Canyon Kick-Off Results
Fish 2 of 3: Sunday, July 5th

Billfish Release:
1. Poore Sport 450 points 3:00 PM ABCD     $13,005.00
2. Streaker 400 points 9:53 AM
3. Tighten Up 400 points 10:59 AM AB     $2,133.00
Canyon Hunter 400 points 12:04 PM AB     $1,422.00

1. Tighten Up 24.8 lbs.
2. Jezebel 21.0 lbs. ABC     $8,100.00
3. Dawg Haus 19.6 lbs. AB     $2,025.00
Canyon Hunter 19.2 lbs. AB     $1,350.00
Grande Pez 18.8 lbs. D     $9,900.00

Tuna (yellowfin, big eye, longfin):
1. Double Trouble 61.0 lbs. yellowfin
2. Halcyon 53.2 lbs. yellowfin B     $1,890.00
3. Amanda May-Hem 49.0 lbs. yellowfin
The Zipper 47.8 lbs. yellowfin AB     $2,619.00
The Zipper 47.6 lbs. yellowfin AB     $1,647.00
Carol’s Teakettle 41.4 lbs. yellowfin A     $594.00
Jezebel 35.8 lbs. yellowfin C     $4,725.00

Bluefin Tuna:
1. Sell Fish 45.6 lbs. 38.5”
2. JoJo 43.2 lbs. 40.5” AB     $2,511.00
3. Carol’s Teakettle 41.4 lbs. 39.5” A     $486.00
Gret’s Three J’s 41.0 lbs. 41” AB     $864.00

The Fish in OC charter fleet has been all over the Bluefin tuna as of late.  The bite is really on right now with fish as big as 100+ pounds and some boats not only catching their limit of one fish from 47″-<73″ (over fish) and two from 27″-< 47″ (under fish), but also releasing upwards of 25 other Bluefin.

Captain Dave Black on board My Cin out of Sunset Marina had a terrific day landing his one over and two under Bluefins, one of which weighed 123 pounds.

My Cin 123 Bluefin, 2 bluefin, Dolphin

Captain Joe Drosey on board Rhonda’s Osprey out of Sunset Marina caught two Bluefins and a really nice Dolphin and was back to the dock today by Noon.  Here is Captain Joe with the Evans family kids and some friends.

IMG_0445.JPG IMG_0443.JPG

The Boss Hogg also hailing from Sunset Marina had a great day with the tuna as well.  The crew of the Boss Hogg fished the Hot Dog and landed two Bluefin, six Yellowfin and two nice Dolphin.


Captain Jeremy Blunt on board the Wrecker out of the Ocean City Fishing Center changed pace from the offshore fishing to take two 1/2 day inshore trips today.  This is a really cool trip for anyone that wants an affordable option to fish on a big charter boat and it is terrific for anyone with kids.  The Wrecker released several sharks on both trips, most of which were Spinner sharks.


If you’ve read this report more than once you know that I’ve mentioned that the inshore fishing for Flounder has been out of this world.  It will NEVER get old for me to report that.  Flounder fishing is one of my favorite types of fishing and it’s really cool when I hear that anglers are having a good time with them.  Today was no different.  There was A LOT of boat traffic with the 4th of July holiday weekend, but if you stuck to your guns and drifted the right spots with Gulp 4″ swimming mullet you could have some luck.

Captain John Prather on the Ocean City Guide Service out of the Ocean City Fishing Center had two terrific trips today for Flounder!


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