Boat Limit of Sea Bass and Some 50″ Striped Bass

By Scott Lenox

Boat Limit of Sea Bass and Some 50″ Striped Bass

It was gorgeous today!  It felt more like late September than early December and it was a great day to be on the water.  I took some Deadly Tackle tog jigs to the south jetty and had some fun catching 10-12 tautog with one 16.5″ keeper and I saw several boats going to and coming from the ocean.

Dave Weller and Jeff Weeks headed out to the inshore lumps 9-12 miles off the beach in search of bluefin tuna today and though they saw the fish on the surface they couldn’t get any tuna bites.  They did get some bites from some stud striped bass, however.  The guys released 6 big stripers from 38″ all the way to 50″ that ate a combination of ballyhoo and Nomad lures meant for big bluefin tuna.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a nice day on the rip today with a boat limit of sea bass for his folks.

Marina basin still as glass, we tied her loose with a light rail and headed seaward. Hunter & Andrew sent thirty reef blocks down to Murphy’s Landing Craft Reef where they’ll coral up in a decade or so. Weatherman told yet another tall tale, of course. I ought to know by now that when they call for a NW wind to blow overnight and fall out to near-nothing after dawn – they’re lying. NW winds seem to never decrease early – they increase. With N winds a steady 19 and gusting, we found heavy weeding in the black sea bass garden this morning. Just enough nice keepers to hold folks at the rail. Worked too. With winds at last falling out to under 10 knots; George limited out first followed by Chuck, then everyone – a boat limit. Hunter used his reef builder’s karma to take the pool. That makes four trips in a row a block pusher has claimed the heaviest fish money. Hmmm.. Yeah, naw. Makes it fun though. Cheers, Monty

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a nice day of fishing as well with a bunch of sea bass, flounder up to 5 pounds and bluefish up to 14 pounds.

Had some fun with the schoolie stripers in the OC inlet….check out the vid and subscribe!!

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