Calmest of Calms

By Scott Lenox

Calmest of Calms

Hit the vid for the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina with Captain Mark Hoos!

There was a little swell left over in the ocean today, but otherwise it was absolutely beautiful.  Captain Monty referred to it as “the calmest of calms” and from the pictures that I saw he was 100% correct.  The weather won’t be so calm on Friday so the 2nd Annual Tuna and Tiaras Ladies Only Tuna Tournament has been postponed until next week.  Hopefully the wind lays down quick because fishing is good.

Captain Brian Porter and the crew of the Boss Hogg had another good day of tuna fishing out in the canyon today with some legal sized fish ending up at the end of the gaff.

Captain Chris Watkowksi and the crew of Spring Mix II had some throwback sized tunas today and also managed two legal fish for the fish box.

Captain Wayne Blanks of Bayside Guide Service has been all over the rockfish and bluefish at the route 50 bridge lately and today and tonight were no different.  Captain Wayne put his crews on keeper rockfish and some big bluefish on today’s trips.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a slower sea bass bite today with some flounder mixed in.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star saw some quality sea bass on today’s trip and some very, very calm seas.

Enough swell so we knew we were at sea, otherwise the calmest of calms – Beautiful. 

I’d canceled the day before on its weather forecast. Awoke to find tree leaves motionless and morning sun shining through broken clouds — In my business you go broke if you listen to the weather & die if you don’t.. 

By 11:30am, however, it was dark as a quarter moon at midnight & pouring buckets. A short while later power was out, house 4 doors down on fire from a lightning strike, and the camera pole two slips down in the marina had also been struck by lightning. 

Great day to cancel. Great forecast. I wish I could have retracted my unkind words about the weatherman’s familial lineage.. 

Manny, Emily, & Anita from up PA were today’s guest reef builders. They scored two bullseyes. Marked a bunch of sea bass at that block drop today too – a lotlot..

Mom & son dynamic duo put some serious poundage in the cooler. Lot of Mom Points scored for having the biggest fish – by far. 


Oh no.. It was more than old man Murphy (of Murphy’s Law, the jelly side down guy) could stand though. She put her son in the pool, but, ahh… 

Aw Rats.. Paul from Owing MD pocketed today’s pool money. 

Spent that stormy day writing the fisheries science community about MRIP’s recreational catch estimates being a full order of magnitude too high & sometimes two. I can prove to any reasonable person, and especially anyone familiar with the fishery, that six short weeks of Massachusetts Private Boat catch never yielded 2.5 million pounds of sea bass. A full order of magnitude less; it never yielded 250,000 pounds either. 


But the estimate was 2.5 million pounds of sea bass and that’s that. “It’s peer reviewed” people who have no idea what real catch looks like. These gross statistical spikes sail through our management system all the time. 

Whatever an estimate says – that’s what we’re guilty of ..even if absolutely no one believes it. 

Because very few anglers can be troubled to complain, the problem has grown to extremes. Owing in large part this Massachusetts estimate, we were again sentenced to endure further regulatory tightening in the sea bass fishery.

Rather than fix MRIP, so staunchly defended by statistical geniuses with no idea what actual catch might be possible, managers who have long recognized MRIP’s growing inanity have developed yet another work-around (see press release link below.) An amazing effort, one that could very well save my business from MRIP’s lunacy and those NOAA administrators so willing to use what no one believes to punish any recreational fishery. 

It’s JUST a work-around though. MRIP’s pus-filled infection of bad data will forever eat at fishery management & science’s very foundations – a know quantity of catch is vital in nearly every calculation. 

MRIP needs to get fixed!



Anglers fishing on board the Miss Ocean City had some good flounder fishing today in the beautiful weather.  There were a bunch of throwbacks on today’s trips and some keepers for lucky folks as well.

Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing has been on the water day and night again recently and his shooters have been very happy.  Cow nosed rays, southern rays, gar, hound fish, snakeheads and big catfish are all paying the price.

Mike Orchulli had his grandsons out fishing the south jetty and route 50 bridge with Roy rigs where they caught some nice bluefish and rockfish.

Destiny Heinbaugh caught and released this 22″ rockfish while fishing the north sea wall at the OC inlet.

The Judith M out of Bahia Marina had a 1/2 day trip today that was successful with loads of sea bass around the rail.

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