Chunkin’ at Massey’s Canyon

By Scott Lenox

Chunkin’ at Massey’s Canyon

It was another good day for some chunking at Massey’s Canyon today.  Massey’s Canyon isn’t actually a canyon like the Baltimore, Poor Man’s or Washington.  It’s actually a deep hole on the 20 fathom line pretty close to straight out of Ocean City inlet.  Massey’s Canyon got it’s name from Captain Bill Massey who started fishing the spot in the early 60’s and told parties that they were in the canyons because they were able to catch white marlin and tuna there.  People believed Captain Bill and soon it became know as Massey’s Spot.  A few years later some Captain’s out of New Jersey started to refer to it as Massey’s Canyon and the rest is history.  Captain Bill was a charter captain for more than 50 years and just passed away last fall.  Some think that he’s smiling down on the spot this year and that’s why the fishing has been so good.  I can tell you that he was a good man and a well respected captain and the fishing there this year is the best I’ve seen from the spot we all know as Massey’s Canyon.

The Spring Mix II with Captain Steve Selander and mates Marshall Freng and Aytron Pryor had an awesome day fishing the edge of Massey’s.  Captain Steve and crew put the boys from Bel Air Honda on nine big yellowfin tuna and were back to the dock by 1:30.


Captain Joe Drosey on Rhonda’s Osprey pulled some tuna from Massey’s today as well.  Captain Joe put his crew on three nice yellowfin.


Captain Luke Blume and mate Jon Henry on the charter boat C Boys out of Sunset Marina had a good day trolling the Poor Man’s.  The crew of C Boys released a fat white marlin and boxed six mahi.

20160720_171512 13775892_1556628347975351_4221426898738562052_n 13770505_1556628384642014_4711962281577832337_n

Captain John Prather on the inshore charter Ocean City Guide Service had a great day of light tackle trolling.  Captain John put two parties on a bunch of bluefish and mackerel.


Captain Jeff Coats of Pitboss Fishing was on board the Bad Influence today and yesterday and had good action.  Captain Jeff had great family fun with puffers, throwback flounder and lots of croakers from the route 90 bridge.  The 47 croakers were between 9″ and 11″ and were caught on squid and clam.


I got some great shots from Bear at the Oceanic Pier this afternoon.  Bear said the OC Sharkin Crew was at it again at 130th street.  Joe, TJ and Frank had good action catching and releasing sand tigers on bunker.

IMG_0820 IMG_0817 IMG_0819

Bear also said that there were some nice keeper flounder caught from the Oceanic Pier today on the pier’s huge minnows.

IMG_0806 IMG_0808

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