Day 1 At The 2023 OCMC Kid’s Classic Tournament

By Scott Lenox

Day 1 At The 2023 OCMC Kid’s Classic Tournament

Monster day on the Talkin’ Trash…check out the Daily Angle at the Ocean City Fishing Center!!

Today was day one of the Ocean City Marlin Club Kid’s Classic Tournament and there were a lot of fish weighed in.  I’ll have some sort of results at the end of the weekend, but for now check out some of the pics from today’s action.  Thanks to the OCMC for the shots!

The Judith M had a great time today participating with the Wish-A-Fish trip in conjunction with the Kid’s Classic.  Pretty work Judith M!!

Ben, Michael, Gary and Carter had a blast with Captain Jeff Landis on board the Jacked Up hand cranking some nice swordfish.

Captain Mike Burt and the crew of the Pumpin’ Hard had a nice day with some mahi and tilefish.

The Tortuga has had some decent flounder fishing over the past couple of days with some clean water in the back bay.

My flounder boys are up in Massachusetts again this weekend for their July fluke trip and they are making me real, real jealous.  Kevin Twilley reported in that the guys have had limits both days with some JUMBOS in the mix.  A couple of ten pounders for Kevin and Chris Powell, Mike Harrison had a 12.5 pounder, Mike Robinson had a 13 pounder and Micha Wright had a 14.5 pounder.  Insane!!

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported decent fishing on today’s trip to the rip with some flounder and some good sea bass for his anglers.

Anglers on the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins had to deal with some building seas, but they did enjoy some good fishing along the way.

After a wonderful sunrise we dropped our blocks on Al Berger’s Reef. Still using my favorite xxl “Tog Condo” chimney blocks. I honestly think they’re the best boat deployable manufactured reef unit. Stacking em up there. Have to put Nick Caloyianis on it in a couple years for some professional video & stills..
Forecast today had a touch of N wind in it. Not enough speed to cause anyone concern though. Would have been a small price for today’s refreshingly cool New England temperatures.
Weatherman: “Is everyone offshore now?”
Dang it man! Soon after blocks we had anchor clangers & bell dingers galore – all the noises my boat makes crashing into heavy seas.
Not that I go anywhere fast; but with my game-plan shot owing heavy weather, I had to pull back the throttles and putt-putt-putt to a nearby reef.
If this summer is remembered for anything it will be its weather vexations.
Just before I got to my numbers I found a BIG Ball of fish feeding 35 feet off bottom. I like finding new spots. Have to really. New to me today; I circled the mound of fish while dropping ‘electronic marker buoys’ on my plotters before advancing into the wind/current to anchor. Came tight on my Chinese Danforth and .. . . …
Goose egg.
Fooled me again. Third time this summer. Dagone sea robins have been feeding up in the water column on krill like sea bass do. Scoundrels.
So much for the first drop. Pulled anchor and moved a tenth of a mile to rocks I know well. The day was begun.
After lunch sea heights began to fall rapidly. By two o’clock the ocean was well-behaved.
Having worked for every fish in mostly unpleasant conditions, I’m confident everyone boxed dinner & some did much better than that. Roll Tide Mike boxed twelve cbass. Steve from Littlestown PA boated a fine fluke to take the pool.
Saturdays are 10 hour ((come 11.5 today!)) “Fish for what’s biting” trips. Sundays and Mondays through August are long fluke/flounder trips. Last one wasn’t too unkind. Usually nick some good cbass too. Perhaps we’ll do better still. Plenty of room tomorrow if you’d like to do an 11 hour flounder trip. �I’d brag about the “Calm and Sunny” forecast – and it really is – but, shewww.. Getting hard to put any faith in it!
Looking forward to not being slammed around the wheelhouse..

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