Epic Day 1 White Marlin Open

Epic Day 1 White Marlin Open

By Scott Lenox

Scott Lenox
Scott is the owner of Fish in OC and host of Ocean City's fishing television show Hooked on OC. He has worked in the fishing industry and fished the waters in and around Ocean City for over 25 years.

WHEW!  What a first day of the 43rd Annual White Marlin Open.  There were several non-qualifying white marlin weighed, we had some tuna and mahi hit the board and there was a huge blue marlin that just beat the 9:15 deadline that has an incredible story.

The crew of the Get Reel pulled into Harbour Island with just minutes left on the clock and brought a huge blue marlin and a crazy story to the scales.  As the 36′ boat approached the dock we could see that there was an enormous blue marlin tied off to the stern that was going to be difficult to get on the scale.  Little did we know that the Get Reel had dragged the fish for seven hours and was going to be more difficult to get on the scale than any of us thought.  It took quite an effort, but Alex, Mike and the WMO crew managed to get the fish on to the dock, bridle it up and get it on to the scale.  The big blue weighed 790 pounds and currently holds first place in the category and could be worth $150,000 for angler Jim Conway and crew.

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3rd place in the dolphin category was caught by angler Greg Fahrman on board the Magic Moment and is currently worth $1,000.


2nd place in the dolphin category was caught by James Forest on the Tireless and is currently worth $1,500.


1st place in the dolphin category was caught by Thomas Bennett on the Delta Dawn and is currently worth $17,000.


In the tuna category I have to list out five places because of added entry levels.  In 5th place in the tuna category is a 58.5 pound yellowfin caught by Jimmy Jernigan on the Talkin’ Trash that is worth $40,000.


4th place in the tuna category is currently held by Stephen Schwing fishing on board the Fish Whistle.  Stephen’s 62.5 pound yellowfin is currently worth $9,000.


3rd place in the tuna category is held by Jeremy Weiner fishing on No Service.  Jeremy’s 63 pound yellowfin is worth $1,000.


2nd place in the tuna category is held by John Hoffman on the Reel Direct.  Because of added entry levels John’s 67 pound yellowfin is currently worth $320,000.


1st place in the tuna category is a 71.5 pound yellowfin caught by Pat Horning.  Pat was fishing on the Fish Whistle as well and that fish is worth $70,000.


Outside of the tournament Captain Dave Black on My Cin out of Sunset Marina released six white marlin today.

Captain Monty Hawkins on the party boat Morning Star had some luck with the flounder on ocean structure.  This lucky angler displays a nice 22″ fish caught today.


Captain Jeff Coats of Pitboss Fishing was out on the Bad Influence for two trips today.  This morning it was a fun family trip where he put his anglers on croaker and flounder.  This afternoon it was a trip to the ocean where he put his fiancé Karen on nice sea bass using Roy Rigs.

IMG_8851 IMG_8852 IMG_8853 IMG_8856

Bear at the Oceanic Pier in downtown Ocean City submitted a photo of Noah from Scaggsville, MD who caught a big 14″ triggerfish from the north sea wall on a sand flea.


Don’t forget to check out our awesome live feed of the 43rd Annual White Marlin Open tomorrow starting at 4PM at www.whitemarlinopen.com

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