Fish On’s 219 Pound Bigeye Wins OCMC Canyon Kick Off Tournament

By Scott Lenox

Fish On’s 219 Pound Bigeye Wins OCMC Canyon Kick Off Tournament

Today was the third and final day of the Ocean City Marlin Club Canyon Kick Off Tournament and it ended in grand fashion.  Captain Andrew Dotterweich and the crew of the Fish On out of Sunset Marina dropped a beautiful 219 pound bigeye on the scale and took over first place in the event.  Congratulations to Fish On and all of the other winners!  Thanks to Dave Messick of Hooked on OC for the pics!

Captain Mike Burt and the crew of Pumpin’ Hard had a nice day offshore today as well with two white marlin releases and some nice tilefish for the grill.

Captain Dean Metcalf and Captain Jeff Landis of the Jacked Up out of Bahia Marina put their anglers on a nice day of seven shark releases and 10 golden tilefish up to 42 pounds.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported that the flounder were missing in action today, but there was a good bite for sea bass in their absence.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star said it got a little sporty in the ocean today, but, along with catching sea bass, he had a remedy that turned things around for some sea sickness.

Had planned an early start on today’s long flounder trip. Arrived to find the offshore fleet tied up; crews enjoying some extra sleep.. 


South winds weren’t supposed to be all that. Fifteen or a bit better. Felt like it was already twenty coming through wheelhouse window as I lit up my electronics. 

Oh man.. 

Gave clients a weather speech – ‘gonna be rough – stay ashore if you’d like – might get two miles out and turn around – might fish all day.’  

I could not believe how calm the ocean was even a few miles out. 

It got a little saucy, sure; but we worked further and further out all day. 

Yesterday one of my best trips this year; boy did the ocean make us work for our fillets today. Hope for a better result tomorrow! 

One thing I learned: Ondansetron (Zofran) 8mg should be on every boat. 

Every single one. Airplanes too.

Had some youngsters having a really hard time with motion sickness. One of two physicians aboard gave them (with parental blessings) this dissolve under your tongue medicine. 

Very soon after the bouts of seasickness were done. All day. 

Did it sister in with dissolvable meclizine (dramamine/bonine)? 

I don’t know; but that’s a result I’ve not had in my 43 years. 

Mayo Clinic website has it being used with surgery and chemo. Both Doctors seemed to think it a very safe med. One suggested it should be over the counter. 

How many charters are lost every year because a family member is sorely uncomfortable? What could be a trip of a lifetime lost. On a party boat there’s no turning back unless the skipper calls it for safety. On rough days there’s sometimes a chorus no one enjoys listening to, accompanied by coarse humor some never outgrow. 

I don’t have many days where sea sickness becomes an issue, perhaps because pretreating even the night before with meclizine has been my advice for four decades. Over the counter preventatives rarely work well after mal-de-mer has begun; sometimes? Sure. 

But this stuff worked. 


Prescription only for now. 



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