Fishy Place Getting Fishier

Fishy Place Getting Fishier

By Scott Lenox

Scott Lenox
Scott is the owner of Fish in OC and host of Ocean City's fishing television show Hooked on OC. He has worked in the fishing industry and fished the waters in and around Ocean City for over 25 years.

We have had a couple of pretty windy days the past few and temperatures haven’t been all that warm either.  Not many people have been out on the water thanks to the stiff breeze, but all of that is about to change.  The weather coming for next week looks absolutely beautiful and the winds look light so I’m sure that anglers are going to be out looking for rockfish, flounder and tautog starting as early as tomorrow.

Captain Monty Hawkins and the crew of the Morning Star were out for a reef building trip today where they loaded A LOT of concrete block onto the deck for deployment at a local reef site.  Captain Monty, Dave from Chesapeake Tower, Phil Blush, Ryan Lewis (Miami Flamethrower), Mr. Spurz (aka Brownie) and mates Wes Pollit, Dan Iacangelo and Nick Denny deployed 6.8 tons of block to a local Ocean City Reef Foundation site that Captain Monty says is a “fishy place getting fishier.”  6.8 tons equates to 283 blocks that weigh in at 13,600 pounds of concrete….that’s a lot of rock for those guys to throw over the rail and I for one appreciate their efforts.  If you’d like to purchase an Ocean City Reef Foundation chart book with numbers for these “fishy places”, or you’d like to make a donation to this worthy cause you can visit

IMG_7943 IMG_2729 IMG_2276 IMG_2284 2

Captain Monty proved that the site is already a fishy place by simply pulling forward on the anchor where the guys dropped down some bait and in short time were rewarded with some tautog.  Below mate Dan Iacangelo holds a female that was tagged and released to swim another day.

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