Flounder, Boat Limits of Sea Bass & A Mako Shark On A Party Boat

By Scott Lenox

Flounder, Boat Limits of Sea Bass & A Mako Shark On A Party Boat

We had one more beautiful day today before the weather turns to crap and it was a really good day of fishing.  The ocean was about as calm as it gets and the fish were snapping well for most everyone that headed out.  Tomorrow and Saturday look to be pretty nasty so hopefully things shape up quick after the rain and blow.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had a slower start to the day today, but it picked up nicely as the day went on.  There were lots of nice sea bass, some big flounder and even a small mako shark that was caught, brought on board safely and released unharmed.

Captain Kane Bounds of the Fish Bound and his crews have been seeing some really good fishing when the weather allows with good catches of flounder and some dandy sea bass.

It took a little while longer today than it did yesterday, but Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star treated his rail to another boat limit of sea bass.

Underway early on another extended hours trip; was barely edge of dawn while locals Robert & John were dropping 20 loose blocks into the well on Uncle Murphy’s reef. Just ran the tally for an upcoming fish report; we have 40,584 Reef Blocks &, counting Capt Stormy’s 2 deployments at Bear Concrete Reef over three days – we’ve 1,827 Reef Pyramids on various sites. Today’s fishing was near about opposite yesterday’s. Where Ms Mickey, perhaps 80 years young, boxed out in under an hour and the whole rail in 2.25 – today John had the first limit at 1 o’clock and the boat just after 3. I dern sure oughtn’t complain – We DID have a boat limit..but Sakes. Mad fish on screens – none of which would touch a jig. Little guys wanting bait – bigger fellows mostly wanting to be left alone! Big difference in a day. Day was slower, but hardly wanting. Ms Madie took everyone’s pool money with a fine jumbo. Saw some strange egg casings (?!?) today.. Though plenty sporty on the way home, on the way out and when we began fishing it came mirror calm. Also saw an aircraft carrier that didn’t look US.. Ideas on either? I’m hoping to collect some raffle prizes tomorrow and Saturday. Now that the bills have come in for that loooong landing craft tow and Stormy’s recent work; we’ll need to get the Reef Raffle up and running to build more!! One day the Bass Grounds will again be one of the Mid-Atlantic’s premier reefs. Promise. CheersMonty

Brian Brannan, Mike Ahfeldt and a guy that was supposed to be at work had a nice day over ocean structure today.  Brian had two very nice flounder of 21″ and 21″ that he caught on the Deadly Tackle Deadly Double in orange with a Gulp.

Joe Snyder and his crew had a nice day in the east channel yesterday using the Deadly Tackle Deadly Double in chartreuse.  The guys had three keeper flounder of 16″, 18″ and 22″.  They also had a 26.5″ rockfish on a live spot.

Bob Haltmeier from the Oceanic Pier reported some nice tautog from the pier and he even landed a nice keeper flounder.

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