Flounder Limits Up to 4 Pounds

By Scott Lenox

Flounder Limits Up to 4 Pounds

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Another beautiful fall day is in the books and some more fish are in the freezer.  Sunny skies, warm fall temps and light breezes made fishing enjoyable today and there were plenty of happy anglers because of it.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had a nice day off the beach today where he enjoyed calm seas and good fishing.  Captain Chris reported some triggerfish, some limits of sea bass up to 3 pounds and some limits of flounder up to 4 pounds on today’s trip.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a reel nice day on the ocean today too.  Captain Monty had fishing so good he put his clients on a boat limit of sea bass.

Mercy! Such a nice day off there today. A reminder of yesterday’s swell—diminished in height and further apart—was all we had to convince clients we weren’t in a bay somewhere. 
Made several block drops atop Jack Kaeufer’s Memorial Reef; Brent Ward of Millsboro DE helped deploy all manner of donated blocks and even heavy terra-cotta chimney flu pipe, plus some super block (tog penthouse block) that OCRF recently bought a truck load of: we increased our reef habitat a smidge then pressed on.
First stop was atop nice bunch of sea bass.
Drifted slooow; caught fast.
Nice fishing.
Pretty as you could want I reckon.
Sure beat the pain of the last three mornings when I saw gobs of cbass that just weren’t that hungry, only to have em chew hard later in the day.
Bit just fine right out of the gate today.
It’s fishing.
Already had some great regulars booked along the rail when Scorchy’s Grandson, Andrew Tawes, asked if I had a spot.
“Um, actually, quite a few Andrew” I replied..
Put him on the rail, my treat, (having your own TV show has its perks!) Saw some great action on bait, even with a camera running, then tried to get Andrew on a jig bite.
Wasn’t happening. It seems when bottom sediments are suspended by storm swell – no joy on the visual-dependent jig bite..
Bait was sure working though – especially the top secret stuff (initials s-q-u-i-d..)
I thought sure the first limit was going to be in Cathy’s cooler. For dern near all of my 40 years on OC’s partyboats, back when Scorchy would come interview CaptS Albert Simpson, Bill Duncan, Orie Bunting and the like, she’s been showing the boys how it’s done. When I was a deckhand fishing with her folks in the early 1980s, she’d have the old timers scratching their heads, “How does she do it?”
I remember in 84 or 85, and certainly fall fishing for sea trout (weakfish) when Cathy and I were beating them up pretty good—her Dad too most likely; she’d brought me homemade cookies and a quart of milk – I was chowing down and catching; nice way to make a living when you’re not pulling all night engine repairs.
One fellow thought the mate, (me,) had some manner of secret bait & just couldn’t stand it.
I’m dipping my cookies into a plastic cup of milk—really soaking them; twitching squid strips forward on the starboard side to excellent effect and undoing the occasional tangle when this guy comes up the port side, sneaks in behind me and plunges his hand into my milk. “What the heck are you doing!”
He was looking for my ‘secret bait.’
Maaan did we fall out laughing.. 
Yes, there truly is more to fishing than plunking a sinker down to the bottom.
While I rarely discuss fishing techniques in my writing, (reserving that for paying clients aboard,) I will assure readers it’s not in the milk..
Ended the day with mate Victor & I paying the rent for the block yard – Mo & Joe luv some sea bass and will not take any money. Clients caught our limits for us. Everyone theirs too.
Another boat limit. Nice to be able to spoil my clients. Hope it lasts all the way past Christmas. 

Captain Jeff Stewart of the OC Girl had a great day for his anglers today as well putting them on a limit of sea bass and some false albacore.

Chrissie fished the route 50 bridge this morning for her first keeper tautog and then hit the Oceanic Pier for her 2nd of the day.

Flounder fishing is pretty good in the east channel and inlet area and anglers at the Oceanic Pier are taking advantage of it with keeper fish coming up almost daily.

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