Flounder, Sea Bass, Tuna and Big Tilefish

By Scott Lenox

Flounder, Sea Bass, Tuna and Big Tilefish

Hit the link above for the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina!

I got to hit the rip today with my very good friends Randy Swain and Randy Swain, Jr. for some flounder fishing and it was a really awesome day!  We were joined by John, Nate and Damian and we combined for 15 keeper flounder from 17.5″ to 24″.  Randy Sr. had the big 24″er that weighed in at 5.5 pounds.  It was great practice for my Nantucket Shoals trip this weekend.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters had a crazy good day of deep dropping for golden and blueline tilefish today putting a bunch of nice fish in the box.  The largest golden went 36 pounds and the largest blueline went 14.  Chasin’ Tides also had a cobia release.

Captain Anthony Matarese Jr. of the Reel Chaos tagged us on Instagram with this awesome photo of he and his daughter with a big yellowfin tuna.

Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break Charters put this young man on a beautiful 10.2 pound black drum today.

Captain Will from Local Hooker Fishing Charters had good fishing today with lots of short flounder and a keeper from each trip for Lake Crisco.

David Stevens from Pines Point Marina had Father Peter Rettig, Saint Joseph (York, PA) and Father Dan Acquard (St. Margaret’s (Bel Air, MD) out for some fishing today and put them on 12 keeper sea bass from the Jackspot on his private boat Sea Biscuit.

Big Bird Cropper had some fun with the bluefish today on Roy Rigs with his buddies Nick and Nathan.

Captain Victor Bunting of the Ocean Princess showed his folks a good time with some sea bass action and a couple of flounder for some lucky anglers.

Anglers on board the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins had some very nice sea bass today and a couple of flounder too.

Tied her loose early this summer’s morn. Found the least bit of a light ESE wind-chop with an underlying long period swell–just enough to give surfers hope–coming from some distant wind to our NE.
Wonderful calm day lay ahead..
Arriving at Capt Bob’s Reef James sent four Pyramids by the stern rail. That makes 4,562 reef blocks & 102 Pyramids..
Bob’s was the first reef of hand-carried pyramids over 100. It’ll be first to hit 5,000 blocks too.. Then I’ll shift focus to a new spot.
Bear Materials Reef has over 500 pyramids & Kinsley’s Reef has over 1,000 – both have many more to come and both have been built by Capt Stormy’s rig, the Tiki XIV.
Fishing began with some shorts – a pick. Now a keeper – slow, but a start nonetheless.
Not many readers realize one of my regulars is Rodney Dangerfield’s nephew from his third marriage – I’d wager most can guess who (if old enough to know Mr “I Don’t Get Any Respect” himself.)
Well, the force was strong today – sounded like Hurricane’s luck had overshadowed the whole reef fishing fleet.
We kept picking though.
After the current changed things looked up considerably ..but by then time was short.
Stan from Bowie sealed the deal on today’s pool. I sure hope everyone got dinner!
We only saw one whale late today. His behavior wasn’t normal to me; was blowing many times while swimming in a circle. I feared he might be fouled in rope. We took a short run to it where it made a classic 4 blows and deep dive in a straight line – no rope, no buoys. I guess he was just hot on the krill..
Glad of that.
I keep a 13 ft safety knife for entanglements. We cut a leatherback turtle free with it a few years ago – and loaned it to MD DNR who successfully cut away buoys from a humpback who’d been dragging them from who knows where.
Not anxiously awaiting the day I do that with my boat.. NOAA keeps entanglement teams at the ready – a Navy Seal style of readiness. If it comes to chasing an upset 80 ft whale I doubt my craft nimble enough. I’ll likely hand off to them!
Video shows whale blowing 5 times..
Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing enjoyed today’s weather and his clients enjoyed some good shooting for cow nosed and southern rays in the south bay.

Had some fun with the kids on the Bay Bee the other day and caught some nice fish….Check it out!

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