Found Some More Yellowfins

By Scott Lenox

Found Some More Yellowfins

We just had some wicked thunderstorms roll through the area with wind, heavy rain, lightning and thunder.  The good news is that it looks to usher in some cooler temperatures  and tomorrow’s sea conditions don’t look to be effected negatively.  Friday might be a different story, but hopefully Mother Nature continues to bless us with nice weather more than not.

The offshore fleet found a few more yellowfin tuna today as more fish move into the area.  Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey found eight yellowfin tunas off there today and his anglers were stoked.

The crew of Spring Mix II with Captain Chris Watkowski found some tunas in the Poorman’s Canyon today and put two “under” bluefins and three yellowfin in the fish box.

Captain John Prather of Ocean City Guide Service was trilling off the beach today with his dad and brother and had a couple of nice yellowfin tuna to show for it.

Sea bass were snapping again today and Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler put his anglers on a bunch of good fish.  They also had a couple of keeper sized flounder caught by Mr. Supposedtobeatwork.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a “real nice bite” today.

Another gorgeous day in paradise? Sure looked like it while clearing the inlet this morning. Ocean calm, hardly any swell from yesterday afternoon & evening’s wind; Finn Cook of Marshall VA & long time regular, Denny Cutcher, dropped blocks at Al Berger’s Reef North (making 809 blocks there.) We pressed on.
At our first spot you could see by the look in Flounder George’s eye some sea bass were headed for an oily hot tub.
Indeed they were.
Real nice bite.
Benny Knots of Baltimore limited first & won the fish pool too. About half my guys were limited by 11:30 – others would follow suite in time. The last holdouts need Cathy Creel’s short course on unsportsmanlike sea bass annihilation. Her specialized instruction is of a hands on sort, an automatic learning where testosterone is driven to new lows as Cathy and her Lady Anglers pummel cbass while a male fisherman, any male – but especially if previously convinced of his angling prowess – suffers the role of ‘observer’ as the gals are boxing up doubles.
I’ve honestly seen men close to tears while being outfished by the ladies. Would that Sue Foster could still teach that class. I so wish. The owner of Oyster Bay Tackle was incredibly good at catching fish.. Damn Cancer.
A bit of humor & nostalgia; not a real worry. My “un-limited” anglers did fine; have a LOT of fish for some family fish fries
..but if Cathy had been aboard?

Despite a steady stream of recent angling successes, today’s forecast of afternoon rain left some open spots along the rail I think; that and OC’s famous “June Bugs” tamping down visitor enthusiasm perhaps. Not a new thing. I can remember Capt. Orie Bunting talking about it back in the early 1980s—the dip in business as youngsters with lots of enthusiasm, but little folding money, swarmed town. I do think the violence these last few years is a new & unwelcome development, however. It’s something we’ve seen precious little of at sea. Hope it stays that way.
Have lots of room for tomorrow too. Same forecast. Hasn’t rained yet….

Matt down at Sea Hawk Sports Center had a nice day on the water with his daughter Belle on the Chesapeake Bay catching some rockfish and some very nice speckled trout.

Shawn Flaherty was fishing with Big Bird Cropper today when he landed this stud 35″ bluefish in the OC inlet.

Michael Fernandez Jr. was fishing with his dad Michael Sr. at the route 50 bridge when he landed this solid bluefish.

Shooters with Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing hit the mark on some tasty snakeheads last night and big cow nosed  and southern rays today.

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