Good Bottom Fishing and Some Found the Tunas

By Scott Lenox

Good Bottom Fishing and Some Found the Tunas

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Yet another picture perfect summer day today with calm seas, sunny skies and warm temps that allowed lots of folks to get out on the water.  In the ocean sea bass fishing was good, but for the offshore trolling fleet it was hit or miss on the tunas.

Captain Chris Watkowski of the Spring Mix II had a big hit today when he put his anglers on a very big bigeye tuna.  The big “eyeball” weighed in at 197 pounds and was accompanied by four yellowfin tuna.

Back on July 1, Brin Mayhew was fishing out of Bahia Marina when she landed one of the largest bigeye tuna that I’ve seen so far this year.  This 225 stud fought hard, and even though Brin has the autoimmune disease POTS, she fought harder and got the big fish to the gaff.  Pretty work Brin!

The crew of the Boss Hogg with Captain Alex Beane had a great day with a white marlin release and 8 1/2 yellowfin tuna.

Captain Mike Burt and his crew on Pumpin’ Hard didn’t have any tunas show up, but they did put some meat in the box with tilefish and some big sea bass.

The Brannans fishing with Mike Ahfelt over ocean structure today where they had a good bite with sea bass and flounder up to 20″.

Jeff Weeks used a live sand flea to capture this 21″, 6.5 pound sheepshead at the south jetty.

Captain Victor Bunting of the Ocean Princess has had some good fishing in great weather lately with sea bass, flounder, triggerfish and some cutlassfish.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a scorcher today, and the sea bass must have felt it too because they made their way to coolers on board.

Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing showed his shooters a great time with rays and hound fish last night.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star found some true stud sea bass on today’s trip to the rip.

Dense fog made for instrument work getting out of OC Harbor. Once in the ocean? Cleared right up and glad of it. Al Berger’s Reef got the 20 reef blocks Henry & Kim from PA pushed off the stern. Soon have to pick another spot there to work on. Looks pretty good. Worked spot to spot to spot today. Sure had some pretty sea bass, even a couple nice flounder. Monday the very first fish over the rail took the pool. Today Joseph’s was about the last. Never know. Play to win!Have a lot of open spots for Sunday’s extra-long fluke trip. They’re rocked up so there’s going to be sea bass too.Also have two spots for tomorrow’s reg sea bass run. Weather holds great promise until late next week. Got thinking about the current president’s Rehoboth Beach summer home. I bet it’s not 10 miles from beautiful coral reef fish habitat. I’ve been trying since the Clinton Administration – every single administration – to get our seafloor habitat on NOAA’s radar. While, in truth, I’d about given up; this is truly an opportunity we’ve never had to advance the idea of marine reatoration along DelMarVa. My old friend Henry, a guy who carried a flame thrower on Iwo Jima, became a lobbyist late in life. He always said, “Squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Well, sometimes. But here the guy in charge of all the oil has spent much of his life near marine habitat NOAA has no interest in. If you will, send this letter along to him with your own personal touch (or not!) Email, snail mail better – your Reps in DC too. I’ve landed some solid punches over the years but never knocked it out. Needs done.  If you print it out and send it to a field office it will get read sooner. (Can’t do that with the Pres.) Then you’ll likely get a letter back indicating they have no idea what you wrote. One day that dam will fall. Cheers, Monty

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