Good Fishing to Start Labor Day Weekend

By Scott Lenox

Good Fishing to Start Labor Day Weekend

We had an extremely active Atlantic Ocean over the past several days with not one, but two tropical systems moving by the region.  Hurricane Franklin and Hurricane Idalia stayed well east of Ocean City, but their effects could be felt hundreds and hundreds of miles away.  We lost a few days of fishing and had to deal with a swell left over for today, but our friends to the south in places like Florida and Georgia had to deal with much, much worse.  Hopefully everyone got through it ok and is on the road to recovery.

Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey had a crazy good day today celebrating Nicole’s birthday.  Nicole and her crew had four tuna, a sailfish release and a pile of mahi on today’s trip.

It’s short notice, but if you’re looking to get in on some of this action, the Spring Mix II is looking for some anglers for a make up trip tomorrow.

Big Bird Cropper and Shaun Flaherty had a great day “dredging” at the route 50 bridge.  The guys had some very nice bluefish and two keeper sized rockfish.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a nice day out there today with flounder, sea bass and even some nice “peanut” mahi around.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star reported a very nice day in the ocean today with big sea bass, some flounder and a good catch of mahi.

Nice fishing off there today. Nearly half the boat was limited on sea bass, had a couple good fluke, and enjoyed several episodes of mini-mahi mayhem.
Have 4 spots open tomorrow and many for a mahi trip Monday.
Today Ryan pushed our reef blocks over the stern rail and into their final resting place. By and by I tried some mahi and didn’t do anything. We pressed on. Had our first sea bass limit, pretty fish too, before noon. Mighty hard to find complaint in that kind of fishing, especially at the end of summer.
On our way to another spot I found something floating. Suddenly quite a few clients had to decide what kind of fish to have for dinner – mahi or sea bass..
A few more limits of sea bass came over the rail. Ryan cashed in his reef building karma for a nice fluke, nice enough to take the pool.
Although the inlet was just starting to pipe down when we got underway – ebb current easing but offering plenty of opposing energy to incoming swells – swells standing tall made for an exciting exit. By noon the ocean was nice as you could ask.
Had a super light rail for Monday’s xxl fluke trip. With clients’ blessings I switched it to a mahi trip. Tons of room on that boat. Sells out at 12. Usually $210 – this Monday $165. I could be wrong but this sure looks like the right time to do it!
And, having just opened the rest of September? There’s lots of room on nearly every trip. (Yes, I opened September reservations on 9/1 – I’m an OK fisherman, not terribly good at business.) Will try mahi fishing during the week – ride til the wheels fall apart sort of thing – cbass weekends; Mondays go to diehard fluke fans. Of course, if one species is putting on the feed bag and others not? Well.. Whatever’s biting then.
See if you’re interested in booking any trips.

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