Great Day on The Rip

By Scott Lenox

Great Day on The Rip

Heat returned to the area today, along with it’s good buddy humidity and had things feeling like the middle of summer on the beach.  The ocean started off a little rough, but the wind laid out nicely and by this afternoon it had flattened right out.  Tomorrow looks to be gorgeous with sunny skies and light winds so I’m guessing there will be plenty of boats in the canyons looking for fish.

I had a great day aboard the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins and crew for a special flounder trip.  I was joined by Bryan Mindte of Sunset Provisions to film a new episode of Hooked on OC and fishing was good.  I we found some nice fish and I actually won the fish pool on board with a fish of around 20 1/2″.  Awesome time with some awesome folks!

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had a nice day on the rip today too with some keeper flounder and sea bass.  Captain Chris also had one angler with a stud flounder over 7 pounds on today’s trip.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters had some folks reeling in false albacore on today’s inshore trip.

False albacore and mahi were on the cleaning table after an inshore trip aboard the Ocean City Girl.

As mentioned above, we had a great trip with Captain Monty on the Morning Star today!

Fluke, Sea Bass & The Deep Green Sea 9/13/21 

Scott Lenox from Hooked On OC was aboard today for our fluke/flounder trip. His buddy Bryan, from over at Sunset Provisions, was our guest reef builder. 

Had current?

Caught FISH! 

Great big very poorly timed lull in current?

Yeah, not so much. Still worth an effort though. Nicked a few in slack current – mostly sea bass. 

I left early and cut the fare a bit owing a can’t-miss Dr’s appointment. 

After a huge lull, the bite was just turning back on so I stayed, and stayed some more, and then probably stayed too long.

Fifteen minutes late. Thank goodness Doc has a sense of humor… 

Places where we had a “deep blue sea” just last week were as green as they could be today. 

Really green. 

We have so much work to do with reef building. Though far from our fishing grounds, rebuilding massive oyster reefs in our major estuaries is the only way to turn the ocean blue. 

My young friend Ms Lilly pulled yesterday’s winning boat raffle ticket.. The 17’ boat raised some money – which will grow some coral. 

She also pulled a winner for a sweet St Croix conventional rod; perfect for our ocean reef fishing—the weekly Benelli Reef Raffle prize. Lots more prizes to come before grand prizes Jan 1, 2022. 

Buy tix at, Lighthouse Guns & Gear, or Raceway Citgo (next to Crabs to Go..)

Raising money for corals out front, and occasionally letting entire truckloads of free pyramids, (cast from molds made by OCRF’s Reef Pyramid program) pass on to assist our estuarine brethren in rebuilding those long-lost oyster bars. 

Corals out front for fish habitat & fishing; Oysters waaaayyy upstream for vastly improved water quality and all manner of tangible fish habitat as well. 

Lots of folks working on it – big .org & .gov groups in big ways. I especially like where CCA MD Director Dave Sikorski is taking his group’s habitat work. 

To stand idly by and await their success would make us leaners, not lifters. 

Trust this – plenty of leaners in the world. It’s absolutely amazing.

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