Heels and Reels

By Scott Lenox

Heels and Reels

It was another awesome day of white marlin fishing out in the canyons today except this time it was the ladies turn.  Today was day 1 of the Ocean City Marlin Club’s Heels and Reels Tournament and the ladies showed us, like they show us most things, that they catch fish better than we do too.  There were a bunch of fish caught and the crews had a lot of fun.  Big thanks to Amanda Shick and Dave Messick for the shots!

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Outside of the tournament Captain Jeff Coats of Pitboss Fishing had a good day chunking on the Twin Wrecks.  Captain Jeff put his anglers on the Bad Influence on some mahi action chunking butterfish.

13932771_10209750356337055_7679766012062850551_n 13882097_10209750361817192_5162200947593978435_n

Rhonda’s Osprey with Captain Joe Drosey and mate Sasha Lickle released 6 white marlin today during the Heels and Reels Tournament.


Anglers on the Angler with Captain Chris Mizurak had a great day of fishing today.  Captain Chris had anglers with nice sea bass and keeper flounder fishing clams over ocean structure.

13882382_10157460697755105_7453523250498702239_n 13887102_10157460697690105_2639471954488046581_n 13900224_10157460697975105_5528172178302638516_n 13872748_10157460698640105_5468702854111021402_n 13872748_10157460697580105_2910868428003368220_n 13902732_10157460697625105_1848884565201251634_n 13920636_10157460697540105_5850955119094130578_n

The Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins had some keeper flounder come over the rail today as well.  Here’s a nice shot from mate Wes Pollitt of some of the lucky anglers.


Captain John Prather on Ocean City Guide Service took advantage of the super clean water in the back bay to put today’s anglers on some keeper flounder using live minnows.

13921035_1063948626987948_8308754244062792198_n 13935172_1064110620305082_3508330387150083765_n

Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing with Captain Marc Spagnola had a crazy good day of bow fishing today.  Captain Marc put his shooters on some great southern ray shots including fish of 66 and 90 pounds.


66 pounds


90 pounds

Resized_20160805_164741-02 Resized952016080595182632

I had a chance to get the Fish in OC Carolina Skiff out on the bay today for a great trip with my brother and his boys.  Myself, my son Ryan, my brother Jimmy and his sons “Little” Jimmy and William fished the south bay behind Assateague and had some pretty good luck.  Both of my nephews caught their first ever salt water fish.  My son Ryan was high hook on the boat with two throwbacks and keeper at 18″.  We had the one keeper and five other throwbacks total on live minnows and had a great time!

IMG_20160805_144059001 IMG_4085 IMG_20160805_145757627 IMG_4087

My brother Jimmy was low man today with one puny sea bass, but he still wanted in the fishing report.  I assured him that neither his hair, nor his beard, nor his fish was worthy of the fishing report, but he begged and pulled the “brother card” so here he is.


Dave Messick took an awesome shot of the end to an awesome day today at Sunset Marina.


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