Keeper Flounder for Young and Old

By Scott Lenox

Keeper Flounder for Young and Old

Heading out the door early this morning it felt more like early October than it did early June.  Temps were in the mid 50s, winds were light and though the sun wasn’t up yet, I knew it would be sunny.  Got some reports today too from some folks that got out to enjoy it.

I love the fact that fishing is one of those pastimes that you can do at pretty much any age and today I got a couple of reports that proved that undoubtedly.

This young lady was fishing with her dad John Whitby in the Lewes Canal today when she landed a big 22 3/4″ flounder all by herself.  She reported the fish and got a picture at Henlopen Bait & Tackle in Lewes.

I also received a report from someone with a great photo of an experienced fisherman that shows 93 year old Bill Dempsey from York, PA who landed a flounder of over 22″ also while fishing over ocean structure with the Fish in OC Double Trouble in white.  Mr. Dempsey was fishing with Patrick Montague.

Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break Charters had a couple of trips with youngsters on board today and they also had some keeper sized flounder.

There were a couple of young anglers on board the Ocean City Guide Service today with Captain John Prather and they too had keeper flounder for the fish box.

Big Bird Cropper and Shawn Flaherty had a great day of fishing today with a limit of big bluefish.  Shawn caught the largest at 35″ and 11 pounds.

Ocean bottom fishing was decent today and Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler saw some nice sea bass and some quality flounder on board today.

Anglers on board the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins had a nice day of fishing today with a few flounder and some knot head sea bass.

More like a fall day than summer; light easterlies had a bit of a nip, leftover sea heights revealed just a touch of yesterday’s 15 to 20 NE but otherwise calm; a fine day at sea. 

Nancy & Barb were our guest reef builders. They were spot on: three shots, three bullseyes–piling them up. That’s how a reef built with boat deployed materials grows. 

By and by we got over some fish. Not stellar. 

Wasn’t awful either. 

Could have been though. 

Worked for em. Made clients work harder still.

High man had nine. He gave all his away. 

Jay from Middletown DE boxed today’s big one to sweep the pool. 

I sure hope everyone else had dinner at least. 

Shearwaters gave us (and everyone else in the fleet) a fit today. Drop a line in and 4 or 5 would follow after. Was also a pomarine jeager mixed in. Twice as big, he wasn’t hard to spot. 

Sometimes the shearwaters would get a hook in a bill, or a wing wrapped in leader. Greedy – even two would get caught in a line. Brian & Vic sure stayed busy with em. No fatalities. 

Only happens once or twice a year – when shearwaters really gang up on us. Always seems associated with tropical systems. 

Some kind of weather mess coming. If you have a spot booked don’t turn your phone off. 



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Today's Daily Angle Brought to You By

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