Limits of Sea Bass, Some Flounders and Triggers

By Scott Lenox

Limits of Sea Bass, Some Flounders and Triggers

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We had a beautiful fall day today with light winds and nice temperatures that topped out in the low 70s.  It did sprinkle here and there, but I still had to water my lawn so I’m sure it didn’t stop anybody from fishing.

It was another day nice enough for the offshore fleet to get to the canyons and they were met with some more good fishing.  The crew of the Spring Mix II with Captain Chris Watkowski and mate Jacob Bialik put their anglers on a boxfull of mahi today.

Yesterday the crew of the Fish On with Captain Andrew Dotterweich had a great day in the canyons when they caught two swordfish and a bunch of mahi.

Captain Jeremy Blunt and the crew of the Wrecker out of the Ocean City Fishing Center got on the swordfish train yesterday putting one in the box along with some mahi.

My buddy Frank Goodhart and his crew had a nice day on the private boat Brenda Lou when they put these two wahoo on the deck.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters bottom fished the deep blue see today where he put his anglers on a nice catch of mahi and blueline tilefish.

Wreck and reef fishing was good for the inshore fleet today with lots of sea bass, some flounder, triggerfish and even bluefish.  Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a great day of fishing with limits of sea bass, some flounder and some nice triggerfish.

Anglers on board the Ocean Princess with Captain Victor Bunting enjoyed good fishing today too with most folks catching a bunch of sea bass.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star once again did some great work for the OC Reef Foundation and put his clients on some more good fishing.

Found a bit of leftover wind-chop from yesterday’s southerlies; was also missing a mate and a client when I cleared the inlet.
All was well though, both & Terry too were on loan to Capt Rob as part of the sink team for the Hoss. The tug arrived just before sunup; was soon on her mooring. The tug Kodiak, who’d towed the Hoss from Norfolk, departed.
We observed until 9 or so before Ms. Lucy from Korea helped drop tog penthouses (strangely inconsequential today) & began heading off to do some sea bassing ..which was excellent!
Seemed as though the whole port side limited at once. Not everyone bagged out. Wasn’t that kind of crowd. My dedicated anglers sure did though. Hunter Brown of Wilmington took everyone’s pool money today..

The Hoss finally gave in after some 6.5 hours.
Another project very soon – and another and another!
Going to be a busy fall. Maryland has no state marine reef program. We build with private funding. If you’d care to help brighten reef fishing’s future go to and donate.

The Swains had their second good fishing trip in a row today as they did some more bottom bouncing on an inshore wreck.  Young Louden Swain caught the biggest triggerfish of the day and Jim Turner holds a nice flounder and a nice trigger.

The crew of the OC Girl out of the Talbot Street Pier had a good day with 11 bonita and over 100 sea bass.

Judith M had a great day of sea bass fishing.  Most anglers limited.  Squid and Shiners as bait.  18 miles off shore.  Drew Imperial, Judith M mate, with a pile of sea bass to clean after the trip.

Billy Lee and Lauren Dimick, Edgewater MD, with a portion of their fish along with Capt Eric Shoaff and Mate Drew Imperial

Joe Thompson, Phil Fritzscha, David Fitzpatrick, Joel Romberger, Dave Sizemore, Andrew Bittle, Matt Fritzscha, Tom Raio, in town from Erial NJ for a bachelor party with Capt Eric Shoaff and Mate Drew Imperial

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