Long Range Yellowfin Tunas

By Scott Lenox

Long Range Yellowfin Tunas

Hit the vid for the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic Tackle.

We had another nice day in and around Ocean City today with sunny skies and decent temps.  We did have a little wind blow up that had the ocean a little sporty and brought some fog into Ocean City, but other than that things were just fine.

Captain Chris Little of the Talkin’ Trash ran a private boat out of the OCFC today with Gust Andujar, Pete Weaver and Ronnie Isaac and headed WAY off the beach to find some yellowfin tuna.  Captain Chris had his crew 104 miles out of Ocean City by the time they put lines in, but their trip was rewarded with 7 out of 1o yellowfin tuna bites and a shark release.  Hopefully this body of water is moving to the north soon because that is an awful long way to be going for tuna….especially with fuel prices what they are.  Congratulations to Captain Chris and his crew on a great day.

It was a good day of inshore fishing despite the foggy conditions over the bay.  Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break Charters had another good day of flounder fishing with 5 keepers for this group.

Captain John Prather of Ocean City Guide Service found some keeper flounder for these young anglers and then made time to catch some bass with his son Mason at the pond.

Shaun Flaherty was on the south jetty again today and again he used a Roy Rig to land a nice weakfish.

Morgan Mericle was slinging Roy Rigs on the south jetty today too and he caught and released this nice 36″ rockfish.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a picky sea bass bite today, but there were some flounder caught by some lucky anglers around the rail.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had some nice bass on board today.

Old man Murphy, that dude perpetually flipping toast jelly-side down; he luvs to chill with fishermen. Why just this morning a young skipper was complaining on VHF radio his drift was too slow and it was too warm. 

Murphy’s ears must have perked up and an evil smile flash across his lips; “Aww.. Is that so lad?”

Wind came around NE, air temp dropped, fog rolled in & radars came on. 

Drift now too fast, I went to fishing with an anchor. Ended the day with a bit over three tenths of a mile of anchor line out. Sure didn’t have much left on ghe port side. Took Vic 14 minutes to haul it. 

On fish most all of the time, derned if the bite wasn’t fussy. Just two anglers climbed into double digits. Our saving grace was size. Nice cbass today with Ann’s best of the bunch. She and Letty did the deed on today’s block drop too. 

Did just a few minutes of video monitoring of pyramids on the bottom some 18 months. They were mostly in the upright position and had resisted scour quite well. 

Now to find a way to get em offshore in numbers.. 

Cheers All, 


Shannon Pickens and his crew did the bottom fishing thing this week and were rewarded with some nice triggerfish and a real nice golden tilefish.

Check out our Back Deck Fishing Report on our YouTube Channel!

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