Luck of The Irish

By Scott Lenox

Luck of The Irish

We had that one last calm day today before the wind starts to blow out of the south and the wind won’t be the only thing we’re gonna feel around here.  The southerly wind is going to usher in some really warm temperatures and heat indexes are supposed to be in the 105 to 110 range.  Stay hydrated and stay cool!

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star hit the July sea bass mini jackpot today with some real dandy fish coming aboard.

Ocean indistinguishable from our back bays; we departed into a perfect calm. Ambled on off a good ways before Aiden deployed 3 reef pyramids. They landed where we already have a few blocks, less than 200 I’d wager. Still, reef colonization is begun. Likely squished a few cbass as the pyramids settled. Before a few years have gone by there will have been mad fish spawning in number there. We’ll build more. Having caught dagoned robbins again; on my second attempt things began to shape up – but twas only a short term illusion. As has been the case of late, dagone sea bass were being fussy! Man is it a pain in the neck. Then, equivalent to American football’s “punt,” I made a “y’all take a nap” move in hopes of a better bite. Worked. Man was it fun. Even had some limits. Might say I had “Luck of the Irish..”And Did! So did he – Iridh won the pool with one of an amazing double.Derned if it wasn’t hot though. As we got underway one of my all time favorite clients, a man who remembers the nazi occupation of Denmark as a child and is eternally grateful for all of the Allies and especially America’s effort to restore freedom, Flemming took a heat stroke. My crew wrapped him in cool towels as we rehydrated him. Pulse was strong and steady – by and by he got color back, then a smile.  Little AC and a fish fry, he’s already good as new.  With a brutally important and hard to secure Dr appointment about an old shoulder repair – and the event perfectly timed with my “Maryland Sport Fisheries Achievement Award” press release of yesterday – with scarce minutes to get to the doctor, MD DNR Police wanted to see my fisheries permits paperwork.. Really? Today? Probably not a soul in town wants em to do their job more perfectly than I do. And I was late. Doc let me slide. Got one of those deep cortisone shots where you’re damn glad you can’t see the needle; have an MRI coming. Just enough pain to make me nervous at times. Laying in tomorrow for a southerly breeze. Gave the boys a bit of bilgerat work: change oil, replace a sender, see about raw water cooling flow & clean up some.. Do some fluke fishing soon. Cheers, Monty

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had a better bite today as well and put some sea bass and flounder in the boat.

Jeff Weeks headed out for some solo inshore trolling today and was rewarded with three very nice king mackerel from 33″ to 36″.

The crew of Boss Hogg found some nice yellowfin tuna for their charter out of Sunset Marina.

Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfisihing had a great day and night in the south bay putting his shooters on some great ray action.

David Moore and company have been tearing up the big red drum in the Assateague surf the past few days catching 19 in 5 trips.  They’ve also caught and released several spinner sharks, blacktip sharks and southern rays.  He got a crazy cool photo of the approaching storms from the other night.

I get tons of questions about my trolling motor….check it out….subscribe!!

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