Mako Mania – Full Results

Mako Mania – Full Results

By Scott Lenox

Scott Lenox
Scott is the owner of Fish in OC and host of Ocean City's fishing television show Hooked on OC. He has worked in the fishing industry and fished the waters in and around Ocean City for over 25 years.

The 19th Annual Mako Mania is in the books and it was another fun and exciting event!  Day 3 had a couple of Makos hit the scales but none of them were big enough to get on to the leader board.

Here’s how the 19th Annual Mako Mania finished up.


In the release category, the boys on the Reel Vibrations were able to capture the most release points with 7 released Makos.


In the Bluefish category, Mike Cromwell aboard the Lisa captured 1st place with a 10 pounder.  One of our MC’s for the event, DJ Schwab from 98.1 snuck in for a selfie with the winning Bluefish.



3rd place in the Thresher category went to Jeff Guest on the Port A Bella with a 212.1 pound Thresher caught on Saturday.

2nd place in the Thresher category was won by Brice Bogar while fishing on board the Release Divion winning Reel Vibration with Captain Kurt Howell.  They hit the scale with a beautiful 465.7 pound Thresher weighed on Saturday afternoon.


1st place in the Thresher category was also caught on Saturday and weighed just 5 minutes after the 2nd place fish and belonged to Jeff Green on the Hook N Tail with Captain Felipe Ordano .  The big Thresher was a beauty and tipped the scale out an even 500 pounds.



3rd place in the much sought after Mako division was won by our good friends on the No Limits with Captain Steve Gladwyn.  He put angler Mike Morgellio on a 173.9 pound Mako good for 3rd place.  Here is Captain Steve with his boys.


2nd place in the Mako division was won by the Talkin Trash with angler Adam Sutton.  The Talkin Trash weighed a 183.5 pound Mako on Friday that hung on for 2nd place all weekend.


And 1st place in the Mako category and grand prize winner in the Mako Mania was none other than Fish in OC boat the Marli with Captain Mark Hoos.  Captain Mark and mate Mark Stephens put angler Joe Stein on a 281.6 pound Mako on day 1 that I said was gonna be tough to beat and it sure was.  The Marli’s fish hung on all weekend and got the 1st place trophy along with a check for over $27,000!  Congratulations to Captain Mark and the crew of the Marli!


If you’d like to see a wrap video of all of the big Thresher shark action from Saturday, click on this link Mako Mania Day 2 Scales and enjoy the footage from Dave Messick of Hooked on OC / Unscene Productions.

Congratulations to all of the anglers and crews of the 19th Annual Mako Mania!!

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