More BIG October Bigeyes and Limits of Sea Bass

By Scott Lenox

More BIG October Bigeyes and Limits of Sea Bass

Hey everyone!!  Before I get into the report I want to point out a new feature that I’m bringing to the Daily Angle.  The above video will highlight different events, promotions and stuff going on with fishing related stuff here in Ocean City.  Check out a spot for our friends at Atlantic Tackle now and we’ll update the video periodically to keep you in the loop videoisually……I just made that up.

Today was another beautiful day and a great day to get out fishing before it turns nasty for at least a day.  There were anglers on the bay and on the ocean and there were a bunch of fish caught and a lot of fun was had.

Captain Chris Little and the crew of Talkin’ Trash out of the Ocean City Fishing Center had a banner day in the Poor Man’s Canyon and put some reel meat on the deck.  Captain Chris had a swordfish estimated at 150 pounds or so, two bigeye tuna estimated at 140 or so pounds and some mahi.  There has been some terrific October meat fishing the past week or so when the weather cooperates.  Congrats to Captain Chris and crew!

Bottom fishing over ocean structure was very good once again today and the ocean going party boat fleet was all over it.  Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a boat limit of sea bass and one lonely flounder up to 3.5 pounds on a flat calm sea today.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had another terrific day of sea bassing today with some more drop and reel fishing.

Hi Scott,
Dropped 21 large blocks and a reef pyramid – kept paddling. After a while we saw a mature humpback sky out from a distance. Angled his way some and watched through 11 blows. Saw no more acrobatics, but he did throw his tail in the air.
Paddled further still and set a pair of anchors. Stayed right there until everyone was limited – even the mates. Some only fished a jig all day.
Mike Johnson of Bowie MD was first to bag out. (yellow slickers)
Jim Hoyt of Stafford VA (red hat) won the pool with a 19.5 inch sea bass he caught jigging. 
We also landed the season’s first jumbo blues; their presence evidenced when Jack Power’s large cbass came up bitten in two. As we’ve seen in years past, fall bluefish can sometimes run us off a spot. When it gets bad they’ll let you wind in small sea bass all day  ..and chomp every keeper!
Mate Tanner Virden of Millsboro shows off one of several keeper doubles he hooked. (White bibs)
Gerald Meadows from Salisbury bagged out in fine style and caught a nice blue. (dark sweat)
Jack Pearson of Ocean Pines with a keeper double. (lt gray sweat)
Stan Hasty of Baltimore shows one of his keeper doubles. (camo pants)
Larry Foreman of Chambersburg PA with a keeper double. (camo hat)
James Drummond of Baltimore landed a nice blue. (w/Tanner)
Also in the group snap are Stan Janczak of Baltimore – Jim Hoyt & Irvin Drummond of Elliott City MD.

Ayrton Pryor of the Spring Mix II was the “Kayak Kid” again today and fished it in the north bay and had much success.  Ayrton fished jigs and landed five nice speckled trout between 18″ and 24″ and had one jumbo at 26.5″.  All of the fish were quality size and the big one was estimated at 5-6 pounds.

Mike Pitarra used a live eel to coral this beautiful keeper rockfish just over the legal size limit of 28″.

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