More Tunas Showing Up?

By Scott Lenox

More Tunas Showing Up?

We had another beautiful day today and there were a ton of boats out there taking advantage of it.

Benjamin Strahl and his crew on the private boat Shailyn Marie out of Sunset Marina found this beautiful 70 pound class yellowfin tuna outside the Washington Canyon.  Still not a ton of fish being caught, but another great sign that there are some tunas around.

Yesterday, a couple of my Nantucket Shoals buddies had a great day of deep dropping the canyon edge.  Chris, Zack and Micah found some huge golden tilefish and a pile of black belly rosefish.

Rick Strauss and his crew fished ocean structure and caught a limit of flounder in just a couple of hours.

Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break had a couple of successful flounder trips today putting several keepers in the boat for his clients.  They even saw a super tough flounder that ate even though it had been eaten itself.

Kevin McNelis and his dad had a great day on the south jetty putting five keeper flounder in the boat to as large as 23″.

Jeff and Dave had a good day fishing Deadly Tackle Deadly Doubles putting a nice 19″ keeper flounder and a “snapper” bluefish in the cooler.  The flounder ate a chartreuse Deadly Double in the Thorofare while the bluefish fell for the white in the East Channel.

Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing has seen some more great shooting for his clients in the South Bay putting them on multiple shots for cownosed and souther rays.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had some sea bass and a few more flounder on today’s trip.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star worked for his bites today, but it paid off with plenty of fish fries.

There’s one there!
No it isn’t. That’s a bird.
Naww, it’s a log.
The log then arched its back like humpbacks do and made a shallow dive, resurfacing a short ways away.
I’d seen right whales lay motionless on the surface – never a humpback.
Man were we about to get a show. . .
Tied her loose this morning into good visibility but heavy air – a day you know a fog is coming.
Real tight fog.
Another foghorn and radar kind of morning. Eased on off to Capt. Bobby’s Memorial Reef where Alyssa & Randy deployed today’s reef blocks. Now 4,490 blocks; hope to take Bobby’s to 5,000 blocks this summer. (Will reach 42,000 blocks total too)
We also took a visibility sample with a secci disk ( ). Vic lost sight of the disc at 3 fathoms. That’s incredible visibility in our neck of the woods.
Will take a reading every trip from now on. After a few years?
Usable data.
Underway again we soon came upon our first pod of common dolphin (saddleback or two-tone dolphin). There would be incredibly many more – whales too. Second time I’ve ever had 3 whales in a camera frame, then had all three on my sidescan.
Fellows above Cape Cod would yawn: three whales together would be a slow day.
For us?
Should inspire awe in anyone.
And then fishing..
Worked at it all day. A few moments of doubles, mostly working for em. Work paid off though. Everyone boxed up some dinner – enough to have all the neighbors over in a few coolers. A lot of sea bass on jigs – but not Ron’s pool fish..
Most everytime we’d move to different bottom – more dolphin. Now and again another whale. Got so my anglers wouldn’t even look at em.
As the secci disc revealed, there’s some real pretty water & a lot of bait on the screens. Wonder how long it will last..
Going to pass on tomorrow’s weather.

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