Nice Bluefins and OCMC Canyon Kick Off Day 2

By Scott Lenox

Nice Bluefins and OCMC Canyon Kick Off Day 2

It was another windy day for anglers in the back bays of Ocean City and for the offshore trolling fleet.  The wind made for borderline sea conditions and by that I mean it was fishable, but rough.  Some of the offshore guys called it a day early because of the rough conditions, thankfully the fish bit before they did.

It was another busy day at the Sunset Marina scales for day two of the Ocean City Marlin Club Canyon Kick Off Tournament.  Crews braved some rough sea conditions, but were rewarded with some pretty good fishing and there were some changes on the leaderboard for day 2.

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Outside of the tournament there was some pretty good fishing for the trolling fleet around the Hot Dog and Sausage lumps.  Captain Chris Little of the Talkin’ Trash had a good day putting one over 47″ bluefin and seven yellowfin tuna in the box.


The Reel Direct with Captain Brandon Speilman had a good day trolling the lumps too.  Captain Brandon put his crew on two bluefin tuna, five yellowfin tuna and two nice gaffer mahi.  10 year old Charlie Carlson caught his first bluefin tuna on the trip.


The crew of the Spring Mix II with Captain Steve Selander and mates Captain Chris Watkowski and Ayrton “The Kayak Kid” Pryor had one yellowfin tuna and a beautiful 115 pound bluefin tuna.  The crew also broke off two bluefin during the fight.


Brent and Heather from Centerville, Ungle Gilley, and Steve Tapley joined Christian Smith and the boys from the All In today and hung a nice 108 pound bluefin tuna.  Not bad right!?

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Austin Ensor and the boys on the Primary Search ventured out in the rough sea conditions today, but weren’t out there long.  Austin and his seaworthy crew managed a 108 pound bluefin tuna and some healthy yellowfin tuna and were back to the dock by 1 PM.


Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had the Harner’s on board today and had a very nice day with the sea bass.  Captain Monty also reported some flounder from earlier in the week.


The windy conditions didn’t stop this angler from catching a new third place derby fish aboard the Tortuga with Captain Drew Zerbe today.


Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing was at it again today putting his shooters on some awesome bowfishing action.  Captain Marc put his shooters on a combination of southern and cow nosed rays.

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