Nice Fish from the Route 50 Bridge

By Scott Lenox

Nice Fish from the Route 50 Bridge

Daily Catch from Sunset Marina with Shelby Zimmer

Today started off pretty windy, but by this afternoon it had calmed down nicely and the boats that headed to the ocean were happy to see nice, calm seas.  Some boats even postponed their departure to wait out the wind and it ended up being a good call because this morning it was nasty.  Overall I’d say it was another good day of fishing.

Inshore fisherman and kayak angler extreme Morgan Mericle made an impromptu trip to Ocean City last night with his brother and treated him to some terrific fishing from the route 50 bridge.  Morgan’s brother caught his first ever keeper rockfish, Morgan added another keeper and a jumbo “chopper” bluefish for a great trip to Fish in OC.

Captain Chris Little of the charter boat Talkin’ Trash braved the rough seas this morning and headed to the tuna grounds where he said it calmed down nicely after 1 PM.  Captain Chris put his crew on five yellowfin tuna and a white marlin release on today’s trip.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler saw what a difference just a few hours can make as he reported a slow bite and nasty, rough seas this morning, followed by calm seas and terrific fishing this afternoon.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star made a great call this morning and postponed his departure.  His crew was rewarded with two less hours of a$$ whooping and some great sea bass fishing.

Postponed my departure this AM by 2 hours; waited the wind’s worst at the dock with Wawa serving crew breakfast. Sure glad of it. Had 22.8 knots NNE wind as we approached our block drop just 4 NMs off the beach. Ocean was downright unpleasant. Left 12 heavy Parker/Express Contracting blocks plus 2 reef pyramids to grow coral & kept paddling. Wind fell out to 17 or so after a bit, but that was just a trick. Soon picked up again. Just about time we got where I wanted to fish, however, wind fell out to 12 knots & then 8. Seas began to flatten at once, came calm within a half hour or so.
Couple boats ran off in the deep today. I’d imagine they were seriously questioning their faith in forecasting for a while. Dern sure their gamble paid off though.
For us too.
At ‘lines in’ fish were chewing and seas were calm. By 12:30 we had just 3 knots of light air. By one o’clock the ocean was beautiful & coolers were off to a fine start.
Half my clients limited including Mark Ozolins who also won the pool.
Sean Good of New Holland PA -Richard Gunion from DC – Doren Daniels of PG County – Mr Smiles himself (or not!) Gary Lewis Jr of Willards MD are all showing off some nice cbass.
Also included in the group snap are Gary the 3rd & JC Dennis of Berlin MD.

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Today's Daily Angle Brought to You By


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