Not One, But Two 800 Pound Blue Marlin for Day 5 of the 2020 MidAtlantic

By Scott Lenox

Not One, But Two 800 Pound Blue Marlin for Day 5 of the 2020 MidAtlantic

Check out the ladies of the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina with Shelby Zimmer!

I had a feeling when I got to Sunset Marina this afternoon at 2:30 and there was already a boat waiting to weigh in for the MidAtlantic Tournament that it was going to be a good day of scales action.  The Griffin gave me a small glimpse of a 125″ blue marlin that they caught today and I knew that they were going to jump onto the leaderboard.  The Griffin’s fish was first to go up when scales opened at 5 PM and the big blue tipped the scale out at over 800 pounds.  There was another 800 pound fish that hit the dock in Cape May and a bunch of other fish that made for an exciting close to the 2020 edition to the MidAtlantic Tournament.  Big thanks to my good friend Rick Weber and the rest of “The Mids” crew for allowing me and the Hooked on OC team to be a part of the event once again this year.  Here’s who won what in another awesome event!!  Thanks to Dave Messick and Jake Widgeon for the pics!


1st Place     Canyon Runner     42 Lbs


Tie 2nd Place     Christine Marie and Fishbone     33 Lbs

1st Place     Billfisher     46 Lbs


3rd Place     The Right Place     169 Lbs

2nd Place     MJ’s      189 Lbs

1s Place     MJ’s     195 Lbs

Blue Marlin

3rd Place     Salty Tiger     489 Lbs

2nd Place     Is That So     803 Lbs

1st Place     Griffin     815 Lbs

White Marlin 

Tie 2nd Place     Big Oil and Fish On     77 Lbs

1st Place     Blood Money     91 Lbs

Outside of the tournament it was another good day for Captain Chris Watkowski and mates Aytron Pryor and Jacob Bialik.  The crew released a sailfish today and loaded the box with mahi.

Ocean bottom fishing was good again today on another calm day for the fleet.  Captain Kane Bounds and Captain DJ Churchill have been slaying the bottom fish with flounder, sea bass and ribbon fish coming over the gunwale.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler saw another nice day of fishing with some good flounder and sea bass action for his crew.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star did some more awesome work for the Ocean City Reef Foundation and also put his clients on some good fishing.

Another glass-calm morning; surprising though after yesterday’s light northeasterly breeze. We dropped a handful of Home Depot blocks at Capt Bob Gowar’s Memorial Reef and kept going.
Home Depot? Had to. Truck load of 16×16 chimney block coming from Potomac Valley Brick today ..but not before we’d left for fishing.
Hope to have the 16 x 20s in next week. Just discovered, they’re the best boat-deployable block ever..
Picked up a pair of turtle chokers (Mylar balloons) & then saw several huge leatherbacks – the very turtle most susceptible to ingesting helium depleted trash.
Also saw a large shark cruising the surface. Seemed to have a light collared dorsal. Will check with friend Capt Mark Sampson to see if he can cipher the sighting.
My first stop this morning saw good sea bassing, a fluke—then another, then we got covered up with dolphin (mahi) up to 6lbs. Caught 14 in a sudden flurry.
Nice way to start the day!
Cbass grew fussier as the day went on. We worked harder. Sure caught some pretty ones; more mahi too.
Capt John Murter limited on sea bass, Mike Grybos was one shy. Mark Duffy took everyone’s pool money with his summer-jumbo sea bass.
Don’t know how long these mahi will last. First storm I suppose.
Sure is nice to have em inshore again after so long.
Big news in OC reef building – see OC Reef Foundation’s post yesterday. It’s going to be a busy fall. If we can freshen up donations, likely our most prolific reef building in 15 years!

Captain Marc Spagnola is burning the candle at both ends again and the rays and houndfish are paying for it.  His shooters have seen excellent action both day and night recently.

Yesterday, Captain Chris and the crew of the private boat Reel Escape has a nice day offshore releasing a white marlin and boating this 60-70 pound yellowfin tuna.

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