Paying the Rent

By Scott Lenox

Paying the Rent

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We had a little rain and then some misty skies this am, but by this afternoon it was sunny, warm and beautiful.  According to the ocean going fleet it was reely nice out there today after a misty start and the fish were snapping too.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported good fishing today with more sea bass and some nice flounder coming over the rail.  There is plenty of space at the rail for most of the party boats this week with nice weather forecast.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star treated his clients to a boat limit of sea bass today and had some extra for the crew to help pay the rent.

Now dogone it, I tried to tell folks this was coming. Little sprinkle of rain this AM, the sort you needn’t wear oilslicks for; bet that little rain icon on today’s forecast kept folks from going fishing. Precipit cleared off before long; ocean come pretty – near about slick calm. 
Never had any consternation over spots today. Was a simple matter to spread all 6 clients out. (I will mention, however, we had a near-miraculous tangle: four of our six anglers came up in a heap.) Happens.
Anyway, dropped 24 blocks at a reef I’m working on and pressed ahead.
First drop looked like it was going to be a long day. Fishing came our favor soon after though. WOC local, Renee Johnson, was first to limit on sea bass. She sealed the deal at 10:45 and we instantly pressed her into rent duty. Another angler only had one to go when Renee bagged out. Ahhh, but the counting curse was upon him. Didn’t catch his last one for 90 minutes!
By 12:10 all my clients were fishing for the rent – all were limited.
“Rent? What the heck are you talking about skipper?”
Mo & Joe O’Boyle allow us to store reef blocks and pyramids on their land in West O. They could charge OC Reef Foundation rent. Instead they want fresh fish. We keep the rent paid!
Also had more cutlass fish today than I’ve ever had  – nine in the boat – and a few triggers. Bill Travis’ trigger took today’s (itty bitty) pool.. We witnessed canabalism today too. Big sea bass eat little sea bass – no question.
Tomorrow and the rest of the week’s weather looks slick calm. Hoping to have many more great days of sea bass fishing. Friday looks especially light. Even have a couple open on Saturday.
Who can figure it?

Bob Haltmeier down at the Oceanic Pier sent this photo in saying that there are some black drum being caught this week.

Morgan Mericle made one of his impromptu trips to Ocean City the other night and was rewarded with several rockfish releases and this keeper fish that fell in the 28″ to 35″ slot.

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