Plenty of Reeling Going On

By Scott Lenox

Plenty of Reeling Going On

Yesterday’s forecast for today called for rain for most of the day so it was a pleasant surprise that in only sprinkled a couple of times today.  The rain is starting pretty good as I write this at about 8:30 PM, but most of today wasn’t bad at all.  The wind wasn’t much of a factor today either so anglers were able to get out and bend a rod.

Captain Chris Mizurak on the party boat Angler out of the Talbot Street Pier reported better fishing today than yesterday and the pictures show some pretty nice sized fish.

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I got an email from Joe McGee who is a regular reader of the Daily Angle who had a fishing report of his own to submit for it.  Joe and Brian Brouse decided to try for seabass today and caught a limit of 30 fish and two tog.  One of the tog weighed 14lbs. All of the fish were caught on sea clam about 25 miles from OC inlet.

image2 image1 image3

Bear at the Oceanic Pier submitted this photo of John Harley from Virginia who caught this nice 34″ bluefish on a finger mullet this afternoon.


The Restless Lady out of Talbot Street was out on the ocean today doing some shark fishing and had a great day with the toothy predators.  The crew of two had plenty of reeling going on with 18 brown sharks, 16 blue sharks and they also had an estimated 500 pound great white shark beside the boat.  The shark action took place in 180 feet of water.

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