Plenty Saucy, But Doable

By Scott Lenox

Plenty Saucy, But Doable

Push play and see what Atlantic Tackle has to offer!

Had some breeze out there today and it was HOT on land so it wasn’t the greatest day to be on the water, but it was still doable.  Bay fishermen got to enjoy some clean water again….for now….and the ocean going fleet had to deal with some roughness, but still put some fish on the deck.

Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey had a fast start and then a fast stop, but two nice yellowfin tuna made his anglers happy.

Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break Charters has been busy the past weeks putting his clients on some nice fishing that has included flounder, rockfish, blowfish, tautog, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, triggerfish, sheepshead, croaker and spot.

Josh Blume fished the OC inlet this afternoon where he released some rockfish and boxed a nice keeper flounder.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had yet another limit of mahi today and he could use some help with Ocean City Reef Foundation efforts.  Donate if you can.

Weatherman offered nothing promising this am. SW @ 15 to 20 is a hard forecast to cipher – & common. All you can do is go try it. If there’s more 20 and less 15? Ouch.
I gave clients a weather speech: “If you have a neck or back injury, or are just prone to motion sickness, jump off the boat and we’ll see you on a prettier day.”
No takers.
She was plenty saucy. Doable though. Much more 15 than 20. Even 12 for a while.
Warren Fleming, fishing his secret weapon, limited first at 10:47 — All were done at 1:23. 
My third boat limit of mahi in a week – and in my 40 year partyboat career. 
This fishing could be completely done-for on any change of tide. Sure has been kind. If it lasts into next week I’ll offer-up some more long trips via my “Fish Report”- sign up for those emails at if you’re of a mind.  
I see everyday as an opportunity to make fishing better by improving habitat and bringing sensible science to management’s table. Maryland does not have an artificial reef program – especially not a marine program. MD does have a small non-profit, the OC Reef Foundation, that builds marine reefs. ( It’s always a low budget affair, but somehow we move forward.
I’ve been at its helm for perhaps a decade now and been involved since it’s founding in 1997. We’ve never had opportunities such as we have now – ever  ..& it’s happening in a funding slump caused by Covid.
Three tugs and a barge are available for reef building. I anticipate more still.
An 85 foot tug, the Hoss, is headed to the Bass Grounds in 83 feet of water in September. Owing delay of another major project, 500 tons of precast concrete this past May, we do have funding for the Hoss. There will be little left for the next project – a 140 foot barge I hope to build concrete structures atop before sinking at one of our permitted sites.
None of it’s out of reach though. We’ve done this before!
As unique as limiting-out my clients on mahi 3 times in a week, this is the first time I’ve ever had so much large material to reef.
Better fishing and diving – and surely more coral – benefits everyone in our seaside community. Making people glad they came to Ocean City is what we’re all about.
While these major reef pieces won’t begin to finish the job of restoring reef fishing to its 1950s heyday, they’ll dern sure take us a giant step forward.
Donate on the website, donate to our Facebook fundraiser, or send a check.
Habitat improvement along with fisheries management can make our reef fisheries better than ever before.
Be a great time to help get us there!

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