2-Hook Float Rig Orange / Chartreuse


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2-Hook Float Rig

Top & Bottom Rig

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30# monofilament, two 1/0 wide gap hooks, beads, floats, sinker snap, ball bearing swivel.

The 2-Hook Float Rig is a basic top and bottom, or “High Low” rig. The brightly colored floats act as both an attractant and to help keep the baits up off the bottom and away from pesky crabs.

As the name suggests, this rig works well on croakers when you are anchored or drift fishing, but it will also take most other inshore species such as weakfish, blues, kingfish (whiting) and even the occasional flounder. Many surf anglers use this rig as well, especially for kingfish.

Bait the rig  with small strips of squid, peeler crab, or cut bait such as strips of mullet, bluefish, spot or bunker. I also fish it with “Gulp!®” swimming minnows or small pieces of Fish Bites® artificial bait in bloodworm, clam, crab, or shrimp flavors. The latter stays on the hook well and will catch just about anything.

Good luck!